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What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

Posted on March 14, 2012 | Posted by Rich Novia

What exactly is a vehicle wrap? We field requests every day for vehicle wraps and graphics, and I find the biggest challenge is pin pointing what the client wants. Here at the shop, when someone calls about a vehicle wrap, I instantly think "full coverage" graphics. Wrapping a vehicle is just that- covering a majority of the vehicle's surface with finished, cast vinyl material.  Whether it's digitally printed, or solid matte/gloss films a wrap is considered to cover almost the whole surface where graphics are being applied.  We do full car wraps, partial car wraps, hood/roof/trunk/trim wraps, and we also wrap interior pieces when we are asked.

Custom vehicle wrap, vehicle wrap, full vehicle wrap, 12 point signworks

But what about digitally printed graphics, applied to a vehicle that covers quite a bit of area? We don't consider that a wrap.  That is considered decals, or cut vinyl lettering and graphics.  When done right, cut vinyl lettering and digitally printed decals can certainly give the illusion of a wrap, without the wrap cost and labor.  You don't get the full effect of the wrap though; but it has proven to be a successful alternative.  With the capabilities to digitally print and die-cut graphics in house, we can contour cut and fit printed graphics anywhere on a vehicle. This allows us to be creative and work within any budget that a company may have. With this style of vehicle graphics, we try and mix the vinyl media up, using solid cut vinyl colors to compliment brilliantly printed and precision cut digital graphics to be applied to a vehicle.

Digital print graphics, vehicle wrap, partial wrap, cut vinyl, 12 point signworks

Wrapping a vehicle is much more labor intensive, but can provide the client with much more possibilities in design.  Wraps aren't limited to matching the color of the vehicle with the vinyl needed to apply the graphics; the car color is going to be covered in vinyl completely.  Partial wraps will utilize the color of the car, but the digitally printed and wrapped areas are able to have heavy graphic content, and allow for more creative design work. think of a full wrap as a blank canvas; if you can think it, we most likely can make it happen. With a full wrap a vehicle color change is possible, logos can be sprawled out all over the vehicle, and the artwork is only limited to what we can print. Choose your direction, set your budget, and give us a call to see if you need vehicle graphics, or are you looking to get into the wrap realm.

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