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How to Keep Your Office Signs Clean, No Matter the Material

Posted on November 28, 2013 | Posted by Lisa Higgs

Cleaning office signs is fundamental to creating and maintaining your company image. Often the first impression potential clients and customers receive about your business comes with a glance at your office signs. For repeat customers, signs also continuously reinforce your company brand and keep your business front and center in the minds of the people who really count.

Wash PailAlways present a well-maintained storefront! People will definitely notice (and not in a good way) if you don't.

Here’s a rundown of the most common techniques for cleaning office signs:

  • Plastic signs. A capful of common household detergent in a bucket of warm water is sufficient. Wipe down the sign with a rag or sponge that's wet with soapy water, then squeeze out the excess. Saturate a separate clean cloth with clean water and wipe away the residue. Buff the sign dry with a soft polishing cloth or rag.

cut acrylic logo signIt would take less than 30 seconds to clean this acrylic logo sign! Even if you only do an occasional light dusting, it will be worth the effort to your company's image.

  • Wood signs. Think of the techniques and products you use to clean and polish wooden furniture and you have the basics. Dust the surface first with a dusting cloth, then use commercially available oil-based cleaners formulated for wood and clean, soft rags free of grit or any abrasive materials that might scratch wooden surfaces.
  • Metal signs. The same soap-and-water approach utilized for plastic signage generally works for metal, as well. Make sure the sign is rust and corrosion resistant first. After cleaning and drying the sign you may also opt to use a metal polish to brighten the surface and bring out detail.  

Metal DirectoryMetal (especially when kept at eye-level like this one) can be especially prone to getting smudges and collecting residue.

  • Engraved signs. The recessed etching and patterns of engraved signage take more detail work to clean. Use a soft wooden cuticle cleaner to work dirt out of nooks and crannies without scratching the surface. After the accumulated grime has been removed, follow up with standard plastic or metal cleaning methods, depending on the sign material.

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