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How to Choose a Custom Sign Company

Posted on May 07, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Your office and lobby signs for your business are an investment, so it's important to do your homework before choosing a company to create signage that will be seen by customers and clients every day.

How to choose a custom sign companyThere's a lot to consider when getting new signage!

Getting your sign shouldn't be a difficult or tedious process, and there are many different kinds of sign companies to fit your needs. A full-service sign company will completely assist you throughout the entire process of buying signs. For instance, if you need special permits a full-service sign company should negotiate and acquire the documents you need to get your sign. Full-service companies should be knowledgeable about your city's ordinances and codes, survey your office space to figure out what signage will work well for you, and give educated suggestions about which types of signage you should get for your company. 

If you don't choose to go with a full-service sign company, then be sure to check your city's ordinances yourself to ensure that the sign you are getting is allowed in your area. No matter what company you go to, all sign companies should offer the following services:

Sign Design Services

A good sign company will take three things into account when designing your sign.

1. Budget

If you are purchasing custom signs, you should be prepared to spend any where from around $350 dollars to several thousand dollars on your first set of signs depending on the size of your sign and the materials you choose. After telling them your budget, your sign company should be able to suggest the types of materials and products that will work well for you. If your company is in a temporary space or is just starting out, a simple aluminum panel sign with some lettering that will cost you a couple hundred dollars may be all that you need right now. If you are moving into a more permanent space, it will probably be worth it to look at sturdier and more unique dimensional signs

2. Brand

Keeping your logo and other brand expressions consistent throughout all of your marketing is extremely important in building a strong brand image. Your sign company should try to find out about your business to better suggest signage that will fit your image and stay consistent with the rest of your promotional materials.

3. Effectiveness

There are several things to consider when getting signage. The most important things are making your sign visible and making it legible. Sign companies should have experience making signs that are meant to be seen from a distance. They should take into account how far away your storefront is from the nearest road, which direction your storefront is facing, and have a familiarity with the area you are located. Generally, large letters without serifs are easier to read quickly from far away (this is why most government road signage like stop signs have large block letters), but serif fonts are more readable if you are posting a lot of text.

Permit Acquisition

Except for very rare and unique occasions, your sign company should be able to acquire the necessary permits and documents you need to get your sign installed. There are more documents to worry about if you choose to get electrical signage. Full-service sign companies should have experience doing this and have a good relationship with their local city officials. 

Sign Fabrication

Of course, a custom sign company should be able to produce quality signs for you! Quality workmanship is key to having a sign that turns out to be a wise investment instead of a temporary fix. Talk to your sign company about their range of materials they use. If you see a sign you think is well done and similar to what you would like, ask the store owner which materials are used to find out more about the product and how much you'll need to spend, on average. 

Keep in mind that quality fabrication will take time, so you should plan your signage several weeks in advance. Your sign company may need to specially order some of your materials so they'll be dependent on shipping. Of course, many companies will allow rush orders, but you definitely end up paying more than you would if you had a normal deadline for your sign. Get your signage orders squared away very early in the process of setting up your business or franchise.

How to choose a custom sign companyDepending on what you are getting, your sign could take a couple of days to months to make.

Sign Installation

Your sign company should be able to install your signage for you safely and securely. Occasionally with smaller signs or simple elements like vinyl letters, you should be able to install your signage yourself, but for the most part it's wise to have a professional installer put up your signage for you. If your sign company is far away from where you live, they should be able to locate a reputable installer for you in your area. 

Sign Maintenance

Sign maintenace is extremely important because your exterior signage is often the first impression your potential customers have of your company. Signs that are peeling, electric letters that are burnt out, and signs that are dirty and weathered looking all promote a negative image of your company. Your sign company should be able to help you with maintenance issues and offer suggestions for how to keep up your signage with minimum effort from you. 

Although you should definitely have a budget going into looking for store signage, don't focus solely on price. Purchasing a cheap and chintzy sign won't be doing your company any favors because it means you'll have to frequently replace your signage. Store signage can have a huge marketing impact on your company with studies showing that adding just one sign can increase annual sales by 4.75% every year. McDonald's will invest $40,000 into the signage for each of their locations because it's proven to increase annual sales by $600,000 per restaurant. Don't balk at spending a couple thousand dollars on a sign now because a quality sign should last for years and get you a bigger return then you spent in the first place!

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