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How Can Portable Outdoor Signs Work for You?

Posted on February 08, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

You’re ready to try anything to get your brand noticed, aren’t you? Have you thought about adding portable outdoor signs to your overall package? Not sure what that would look like? You likely have seen them all over your area, used for other purposes, but small signs such as these (usually ranging in size from 18” x 24” and up) can be pretty helpful for events you may be hosting. With a combination of A-frame or sandwich board signs and outdoor feather flag signs, you’ll definitely get the visual recognition your brand deserves.


Portable Outdoor Signs Custom portable outdoor sign options like the feather flags and banners for the
Chukkers for Charity Event are a quick way to set up a branded event.


Make Sure You Only Place Them in Spots Where They Are Legal

Many cities and communities have restrictions on the types, number, or specific placement of temporary signs, so be sure you know the laws in your area before hanging, posting, displaying, or sticking one in the ground. Interfering with sidewalk traffic with a misplaced A-frame sign or leaving a sign out for too long could result in a notice from the city that you want to avoid! Following local guidelines will keep you in good standing while also getting your message out.

Make Sure It Stands Out

Because of the smaller size of a portable outdoor sign, you don’t have a lot of room to share your message. If you put more than your brand name and/or logo, contact info, possibly a slogan, or a business special, your design will be too small to read quickly. So make those few words count! Get creative with your design while also considering the size of your advertising space. A yard sign needs to get right to the point, while an A-frame provides more space to be creative.

The Perfect Sign for Special Recognition

One of our most popular requests for yard signs comes from our local schools. They are used to recognize graduating seniors and players on different athletic teams or band members. Not only that, but the custom sponsor banners hanging on the fence during the game get a lot of visibility as well.


Custom Business Banners Custom sponsor banners you can easily transport provide endless free marketing beyond your initial purchase.


Because of COVID-19, we've even fabricated portable outdoor signs to remind people of social distancing and other business requests. Feather banners also can be used to showcase special events - even if they are only for a few hours or a weekend! We have no doubt that you will notice a banner moving in the wind as you drive by a location. Other benefits include helping direct traffic and getting people where they need to be.


Custom Covid Signage We made custom a-frame signs for the Williamson County Solid Waste at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Whether you need wayfinding signage or want to create custom signage for a special event, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to put together a signage package that works for your business!

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