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Architectural Photo Display & SEGs Create “WOW” for NewGround Chicago

Posted on December 03, 2018 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

We love to create a “WOW” experience for our customers! Architectural displays and silicone edge graphics (SEGs) are two custom products that can create a show-stopping look. We recently fabricated and installed a gorgeous architectural photo display and set of SEGs in NewGround’s Chicago office. Let’s take a look!

Architectural photo display for NewGround Chicago by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. This architectural photo display for NewGround's Chicago office is both beautiful and versatile!

The images and layouts for both displays were provided by designers Angie Chapin and Brad Ritner of NewGround. They asked us for a unique and interchangeable way to display photos of new buildings and interiors that NewGround has recently designed in a color photo display. They also needed a separate black and white display of the company’s vintage designs. With NewGround's input, we developed an architectural photo display for their current project wall (in color) and SEGs for their history wall (in black and white.)

Current Project Wall

To create NewGround’s current project wall display, we printed images of the company’s recent projects on ⅛” thick non-glare acrylic using a dynamic, high quality printing process called LightJet. LightJet prints are adhered to the second surface (or back surface) of non-glare acrylic with optically clear double-sided adhesive. This created a striking, dimensional effect. Viewers have to look through the acrylic to see the images. 

Architectural display for NewGround Chicago by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. LightJet prints give this project a higher end look. We love the bright, vivid colors this printing process creates. 

The prints and colored vinyl panels were placed inside 1.5” black aluminum frames and then mounted to the wall. This architectural photo display was designed to allow the images and colored vinyl panels to be interchangeable as new projects are highlighted. We love the way this striking display looks against the gray walls!

To learn more about custom architectural displays, read our blog article: 4 Ways a Custom Architectural Display Can Liven Up Your Workspace.

History Walls

NewGround’s black and white history wall displays were created using one of the printing industry’s most popular products: silicone edge graphics (SEGs.) To create the SEGs, the high-resolution images were printed on tensioned fabric. The edges of the fabric were sewn into silicone strips and then inserted into black 1” aluminum extrusion frames. The fabric was then pulled tight within the frames to create the beautiful displays.

Silicone Edge Graphics for NewGround Chicago by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. There's nothing quite like black and white to create a vintage look. Check out this history wall we created for NewGround using silicone edge graphics!

The SEGs were designed to be even more versatile than the photo displays! NewGround employees can easily replace the printed fabric with new images as needed. To learn more about SEGs, read our blog article: 5 Reasons Why Silicone Edge Graphics are Perfect for Wall Displays.

Silicone Edge Graphic for NewGround Chicago by 12-Point SignWorks in Franklin, TN. Here's a closer look at one of the black and white SEGs. What a beautiful way to display this amazing staircase!

As you can see, these displays added a dramatic look to NewGround’s gray walls. We’re sure visitors will stop to admire the eye-catching images!

Looking for a unique way to display photos, products, services or branding in your space? You should consider custom designed architectural displays or SEGs. We have a talented and experienced team who can create something truly memorable for you!

We also specialize in custom lobby & logo signage, environmental branding, vehicle advertising wraps, wall murals, window graphics, tradeshow displays, and custom projects. We serve all of Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Lebanon, Smyrna, and Hendersonville.

Give us a call at 615-595-6564, or click on the button below to let us know how we can be of service to you!

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