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Dimensional Graphics Enhance U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union’s New Location

Posted on January 08, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

To kick off the new year, we are highlighting more about our partnership with NewGround to fabricate and install experiential graphics for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union's new branch location in Albuquerque, NM! In our previous Project of the Week article, we discussed our production and installation processes for two wall murals, privacy vinyl, and spot graphics. Let's take a look at how our 12-Point team created the brand tower metal panels, dimensional logos and letters, and an abstract hanging logo structure to complete the interior design of U.S. Eagle's newest location. 


Brand Tower Wall With Dimensional Metal Panels For U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union- 12-Point SignWorks Although the smiling faces are great to see, the reveal of the brand tower steals the spotlight in this photo. (Left to Right: Kevin Brouillette- NewGround Chicago Environmental Graphic Designer, Julia Weigard-NewGround Project Manager, and Jeff Mooring- 12-Point SignWorks Senior Installer.)

Brand Tower Metal Panels

If you read our past article, "Custom Experiential Graphics Reflect New Branding for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union," then you may remember the spot graphics we installed on the painted brand tower in the credit union's lobby. Additionally, the brand tower also included dimensional metal panels that displayed U.S. Eagle's tagline—People Mean More.


Dimensional Lobby Graphics/ Logo for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union/ 12-Point SignWorks We love how the spot graphics surrounding the metal panels beautifully tie this design element together.

The dimensional display consists of four aluminum panels installed with consistent spacing between the layered panels. The custom-painted blue and green 10'-0" x 1'-8" components have a perforated hole pattern. The yellow panels were fabricated with stencil cut lettering—revealing the tagline.


Experiential Branding Project for U.S. Federal Credit Union/ 12-Point SignWorks Continue reading below to see how we fabricated and installed the dimensional letters on the soffit wall!

Dimensional Logos and Letters

Adding custom lobby signs to your workspace is the perfect way to introduce your brand to customers. The eye-catching dimensional logos and letters we applied throughout U.S. Eagle's facility did just that!


Dimensional Wall Logo for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union/ 12-Point SignWorks The reflection from the glass-painted wall surface enhances the dimensional look of the acrylic logo.

As customers walk toward the teller station, their eyes may wander to the beautiful dimensional U.S. Eagle logo applied to the back wall. Our production team fabricated this design element with custom painted acrylic and a satin finish.


Dimensional Directional Sign For U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union/ 12-Point SignWorks Not every directional sign requires arrows to direct visitors around a facility. Direct, but alluring custom wayfinding signs (such as this one shown above) are just as effective.

Our talented team also fabricated a dimensional acrylic logo for the User Bar station, and our 12-Point installers adhered it to the bar's privacy panel. The vibrant branded colors of the custom painted logo make it easy for customers to locate the specific area. 

Above the offices adjacent to the lobby, we mounted 1" thick x 8" H white acrylic letters to a soffit wall with studs. The lettering spells out "Our purpose is people."— a statement that correlates to U.S. Eagle's core values.


Dimensional Lettering Installed by 12-Point SignWorks U.S Eagle Federal Credit Union’s mission statement is to create a world where people matter more than numbers.

Hanging Abstract Logo Structure

The final design element of this experiential branding project is the distinctive hanging abstract logo. The structure consists of aluminum frames covered with tensioned brand color fabrics. Our installation team had a fun time installing the "flying" U.S. Eagle logo to the lobby ceiling using stainless steel braided cables.


Hanging Abstract Structure for U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union/ 12-Point SignWorks We can't wait to hear what customers think of the new branch location!

NewGround's creative team did an incredible job designing the interior look for U.S. Federal Credit Union's new branch location. As always, we appreciate NewGround and U.S. Eagle for partnering with our company and trusting us to bring their ideas to life.

Hey, 12-Point reader! Are you ready to bring YOUR ideas to life?! Does your new workspace need custom lobby signs, a timeline display, or wayfinding signage to enhance your customer experience? Our team of experiential branding experts are only a phone call away to help you get started in the right direction.

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