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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

New Acoustic Panels for NewGround St. Louis Amplify Sound Quality

Posted on December 08, 2020 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

There's nothing worse than having terrible acoustic sound in a conference room. Loud echoes can affect the entire video or audio conference call because common remarks like "Can you please repeat that?" or "You sound far away." take up most of the meeting time. To minimize this issue, our partners at NewGround decided to design five acoustic panel displays for their St. Louis office video conference room. Guess who had the opportunity to fabricate and install them? Yep, we did! Keep reading to view the results of this custom acoustic project.

Experiential Graphics for NewGround St. Louis by 21-Point SignWorks Can you guess who that mystery installer is? Hint: His name rhymes with chicken curry. Photo Credit: NewGround.

Similar to the way we incorporate our 12 Guiding Values and our services throughout our office with experiential graphics, the innovative design firm does the same with their core values and goal-oriented services. Likewise, the designs applied to the five acoustic panels represent New Ground's five service areas: Strategy, Design, Project Management, Environments, and Change Management.

Past Project with NewGround St. Louis by 12-Point Signworks Last year, our company collaborated with NewGround to refresh their St. Louis office with custom wall displays, which also showcased the company’s service areas. (Is it just us, or does last year feel like forever ago?!)

The base materials for the acoustic panels were 100% polyester panels sold under the trade name of Zintra. Each of the assemblies consisted of a 1/2" thick gray Zintra panel with a decorative face element made from 1/8" thick white Zintra. 

We cut the materials to the desired sizes and direct-printed custom branding graphics onto the white Zintra. Next, we adhered the printed white panels to the front of the gray panels and added z-clip hanging hardware to the backs of the gray panels.

12-Point Owner Murray working with NewGround's design team Our 12-Point owner Murray Johns worked side by side with NewGround’s design team through the entire installation process. Photo Credit: NewGround.

After our production team finished fabricating each display, our installation team took a trip (with protective gear and sanitizer) to the St. Louis office to install these beautiful pieces.

12-Point Owner Murray Installing Acoustic Panels for NewGround St. Louis In the words of Victor Hugo, “Concision in style, precision in thought…” Photo Credit: NewGround

Acoustic Panels for NewGround St. Louis by 12-Point SignWorks To increase the noise-dampening effectiveness of the acoustic panels, Murray attached them to the wall with a 1" air gap behind each. Photo Credit: NewGround

The branded acoustic display panels look remarkable! However, the best element of this project is NewGround's support and consideration of their employees to enhance the quality of the working environment. (Sometimes, the smallest things can make a big impact!)

Custom Acoustic Panels for NewGround St. Louis by 12-Point SignWorks "We appreciate the collaboration with NewGround's design team to implement this custom, branded acoustic solution!" Murray reported.

As we have mentioned many times before, we enjoy working with NewGround's design team and look forward to our next project together. Speaking of partnerships, we're eager to collaborate with YOU! 

Our 12-Point team is prepared to help you transform your work environment with experiential branding graphics, timeline displays, custom exterior signage, or mobile advertising to enhance your brand identity and uphold your 5-star customer service experience. 

Contact us TODAY at 615-595-6564 or click the link below! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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