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NewGround St. Louis Refreshes Office with Bold Custom Wall Displays

Posted on December 18, 2019 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

NewGround, an international design+build firm, works with corporate clients every day to create beautiful work environments that leave a lasting impression. When the time came for the company to refresh its own St. Louis office with new custom wall displays, we were honored to help with fabrication and installation. Let’s take a look!

Custom wall display for NewGround in St. Louis, MO fabricated and installed by 12-Point SignWorks. We love the dimension and color in this custom display!

We’ve had the privilege of working with NewGround’s talented Studio One25 design team to create branded and environmental graphics for many of the firm’s clients, including several financial institutions. NewGround is now refreshing its own branding, from its office locations to its online presence. We recently fabricated and installed two dimensional wall displays to incorporate the new look at the company’s St. Louis office. 

Our owner, Murray Johns, said, “We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to NewGround for the opportunity to play a part in their St. Louis office rebranding - it was a challenging but very interesting project, and we were excited by the final results!” 

Services Wall 

The Services Wall display (pictured above) consists of 6” tall letters that spell “SERVICES” in white painted acrylic which runs vertically along the left edge of the wall. These letters were fabricated with a 2” overhang to appear to wrap around the wall.

Custom wall display for NewGround in St. Louis, MO fabricated and installed by 12-Point SignWorks. This view shows how the white lettering "wraps" around the side of the display wall.

The horizontal assemblies include three layers:

  1. Bottom layer - These 11” diameter disks are painted white and serve as the base for the panels. 
  2. Middle layer - These include the five services NewGround offers. We laser cut the words out of 52” panels and then painted them vibrant colors. These panels also contain a small row of vinyl dotted lines at the end of each word.
  3. Top layer - The top layer contains 8.5” diameter disks painted white. We also installed vinyl symbols on these disks. 

This display appears to be even more dimensional because the wall behind it is curved. Visitors to the St. Louis office definitely won’t miss this bold, eye-catching display!

Values Wall 

Custom Values Wall Display for NewGround in St. Louis, MO by 12-Point SignWorks. Want to let people know how your company conducts business? Value Walls can help!

The Values Wall consists of individual acrylic panels with second surface vinyl applied to create the vibrant background colors. The face of each panel is fabricated from laser-cut acoustic material. In addition to laser cutting the letters out of these panels, we printed an abstract of the NewGround logo onto the panels using our flatbed printer.

Custom Values Wall Display for NewGround in St. Louis, MO by 12-Point SignWorks. Here's a closer view of the Values wall. The transition in colors, dimension and materials make this a really fun display!

The right and left edges were also capped with the same sound-absorbing material to hide hanging hardware. One of the greatest advantages of this display is its flexibility. The panels can be interchanged as needed. Very cool!

As you can see, NewGround’s colorful new experiential graphics are designed to not only display the company’s values and services, but also showcase the company’s design capabilities. Both of these elements are in high-traffic, visible areas to help create an environment that serves both to engage employees and to attract potential clients to NewGround’s design services.  We always enjoy working with NewGround and look forward to seeing their latest cool and innovative ideas. 

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