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The Stars Aligned for This Awe-Inspiring Space Themed Custom Guitar Wrap

Posted on February 22, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Custom guitar wrap The Hubble telescope images provide unique and stunning customization for this custom guitar wrap.


Once in a blue moon, we get the chance to work on custom projects outside of our typical portfolio. And being located so close to Nashville means a lot of those projects are for the music industry. From an upright bass and baby grand piano for a Kelly Clarkson Christmas Special to custom murals for a Country Music Hall of Fame display dedicated to legendary songwriters, we’ve enjoyed our connection to the stars. This custom guitar wrap is just one of many music-themed projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on through the years.

Completed guitar wrap The front of the bass guitar body is wrapped with an image of the Spaghetti Nebula. The rich red stands out behind the strings, even while being played.


In the Beginning…

Typically the things we wrap are already put together. However, in this case, we received the guitar completely disassembled. It’s easy to get a bit spoiled wrapping box trucks and their nice straight lines. Although the small size and unique shape of the headstock and body of the guitar took a little more finesse, our talented wrap installers were up to the challenge!

Custom Wrapped Headstock Small but mighty. It’s only fitting that the image adorning the smallest part of the guitar we had to wrap represents a group of more than 800 stars: The Pleiades.


All of the images used for the custom guitar wrap were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope to create a “Space Bass” for a guitar-playing space enthusiast. Once the wrap was completed, a professional guitar artisan was brought in for the final touches. They applied a special sealant and expertly reassembled the guitar for presentation to the client.

You don’t need to be a performance guitarist to have a vision for your custom wrap project. Our team here at 12-Point SignWorks can design, print, and install the custom vinyl wrap of your dreams. No job is too big or small, so reach for the stars!

3M certified wrap installer Dave meticulously installing the vinyl wrap on the guitar’s headstock.

If your custom wrap ideas are out of this world, let’s schedule your consultation today!

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