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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

This Wood and Acrylic Dimensional Logo Sign Will Make You Want Braces!

Posted on December 22, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

A dimensional sign may not have that kind of influence, but the location where it's displayed may just make you want straighter teeth. We have worked with Barbieri Orthodontics before, and we were happy to receive a call from them, asking for our assistance with a sign at their new location that recently opened in Smyrna. With an impressive and beautiful plan already in hand, our primary goal was to fabricate the vision that they had for their new wood and acrylic dimensional wall sign.

For those who haven't heard about them, Dr. Damon Barbieri and his team use cutting edge technology to provide a full range of options for children and adults to obtain perfect teeth. From their website to their Facebook page, you can tell that they mix in a lot of fun as well. (They recently posted a team photo from their Ugly Sweater Day, and it looked like a happy place to be!) With special contests and giveaways, they make the patients feel well cared for throughout the entire experience. Honestly, after just a few minutes on their page, I am ready for a free consultation! Did I mention they have a Candy Cove, too?

Now let's get back to the details about their dimensional logo sign. Since the sign was being fabricated for new construction, we worked with the design already in place for the office. We knew that they wanted a circular backer made of wood to feature their brandmark. We used 1/2" thick finish-grade birch plywood that matched the dimensional wood tiles that can be found on the counter facade in the office. (You can see a glimpse of the tiles in a post on their Facebook page.) We also knew that they wanted to use white acrylic for the brandmark logo and letters in the name. 

The custom dimensional sign proof for the Smyrna location of Barbieri Orthodontics from 12-Point SignWorks.

Here is the proof for the pieces of the sign. Keep reading for more information on how we put it all together.

For the circular piece, we laser cut the birch plywood on our in-house laser machine. We used formaldehyde-free wood to ensure the safety of those around us when we are using the laser. By cutting the wood with the laser, we were able to create a darkened edge around the circle that creates contrast and gives a very finished look.

A close-up of the laser cut edge on the finish-grade birch plywood backer for Barbieri Orthodontics. 12-Point SignWorks

This photo shows the contrast in color formed by the laser cutting out the circular backer.

We bonded the 1/4" thick laser cut white acrylic of the Barbieri Orthodontics brandmark logo to the face of the wooden backer. If you are curious about how this looks in person, we have a sample in our shop that you can see. Stop by anytime!

A view of the brandmark logo for Barbieri Orthodontics bonded to the wooden backer. 12-Point SignWorks

The white acrylic pieces are bonded to the wooden backer and aren't going anywhere!

A full view of Barbieri Orthodontics brandmark logo. 12-Point SignWorks

The full view of the circular backer and white brandmark logo. We love how the white acrylic catches the light at times and really shines - just like perfect teeth!

The individual dimensional letters are laser cut from 1/4" thick white acrylic as well. We took all of the pieces to the new Smyrna location and, using a custom template, installed the pieces to the prepared wall with very high bond (VHB) adhesive tabs. 

The completed sign installed in the Smyrna office for Barbieri Orthodontics. 12-Point SignWorks

Done! The dimensional pieces are mounted on a beautiful textured wallpaper in a deep blue color. (You can see a glimpse of the textured pattern in this photo.) Because of the lighting when taking the photo, the white acrylic, wooden backer, and blue wallpaper don't pop the way they do when you see the wall in person. You can catch another view of the sign on their Facebook page.

If you find yourself in the Smyrna area, you can visit them at their new office at 515 Stonecrest Parkway, Suite 250. If you visit them (and see the sign), let us know what you think!

Looking for your own dimensional sign, let us know how we can help! You can reach as at (615) 595-6564 or by clicking on the link below. 

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