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12-Point SignWorks' Signage Projects Of The Week

Whimsical Experiential Graphics Encourage Employee Wellness at ICEE Inc.

Posted on March 10, 2021 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Over the past few years, business leaders have taken innovative approaches to incorporate employee wellness into their company's experiential branding. What was once a simple employee area with a coffee machine is now a social hub consisting of inspirational wall graphics, biophilic design concepts, a comfortable branded lounge area, and sometimes a scenic view. We have been fortunate to work alongside talented architectural design firms (including NewGround, Gresham Smith, and drive21 Inc.) for these types of branding projects. 

Let's look back at our past partnership with Gresham Smith and ICEE Inc. as we fabricated and installed experiential branding graphics for ICEE's headquarters in LaVergne, TN.

Before Picture of ICEE Inc. Social Hub Seating Area/ LaVergne TN (Before Pic of ICEE’s social hub seating area.) A social hub is an open space for employees to casually collaborate or take a moment to relax and enjoy lunch. The primary design focus of this area surrounds employee wellness— "How will this space positively affect an employee's mental health?"

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are a popular choice for experiential branding projects. They are simple to apply to most flat or rigid surfaces, and their endless design possibilities help companies creatively express their identities and values. 

Likewise, our 12-Point team fabricated and installed cool *pun intended* branded wall graphics throughout ICEE's social hub. Check them out below!

Vinyl Wall Graphic of ICEE Inc. Famous Polar Bear - Experiential Graphics Our installation team contour cut 3M print wrap film with a protective, matte overlaminate to create this 12' tall iconic ICEE polar bear graphic.

Wall Graphics - Experiential Graphics for ICEE Inc. Headquarters in LaVergne TN We also contour cut 3M print wrap film to create this large wall graphic of ICEE drinks pouring out of different cups. The design resembles a never-ending pour of a delicious ICEE drink— a childhood dream!

Social Hub Architectural Display

The social hub's dimensional architectural display is our FAVORITE design structure of this experiential branding project. The vibrant images of happy ICEE fans with blue tongues complement the cute play on Peter Pan's wise words about never growing up. 

Architectural Display for ICEE Inc. Social Hub For those who can't read the text, "Once you grow up, you can never come back- Peter Pan. But you can with ICEE!". 

Our production team contour cut 15 square vinyl graphics (14 images and one quote) and applied them individually to the face of 15 white PVC panels. 

We then applied each panel to the wall with hidden hardware to help enhance the dimensional effect of the display.

Social Hub Dimensional Booth Graphics

Along with the whimsical architectural display, our team created more dimensional graphics along the wall of the social hub's seating area. We used the same fabrication and installation process as the display to construct and apply these wall graphics. 

Experiential Graphics - Wall Graphics for ICEE Inc. Social Hub at their Headquarters To create a rhythm (sense of movement) for this installation, Gresham Smith designed the panels to go in an up and down quotation bubble pattern. 

Adding inspirational branded wall graphics throughout any facility is an appreciable step toward ensuring a visually attractive and welcoming work environment for employees. Studies have shown that inspiring decor in an office space can also increase productivity— the best benefit of enhancing your office's social hub. 

Gresham Smith's design team did a stellar job creating these experiential branding graphics for ICEE and ensuring each detail complemented the branded headquarters. We had so much fun working with both companies and look forward to more partnerships in the future.

12-Point Extras! 

Along with the experiential branding graphics for ICEE's social hub, we also installed other branding elements throughout their headquarters. Check them out in the slideshow below!

Experiential Graphics for ICEE Inc. Headquarters "I realized that once we installed all of the vibrant branding graphics throughout the facility, employees seemed more happy and in high spirits. That was my favorite part of the project," stated Greg, one of our 12-Point production team members.

Are you looking for an experienced sign company to assist your architectural design firm with large or small experiential branding projects? Or are you a business leader interested in our multiple branding services to create a positive and comfortable work environment for your employees?  

Lucky for you, your first step to get started is pretty easy. All you have to do is give us a call at 615-595-6564 or click the contact link below! We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

We serve all of Middle Tennessee and ship and install our custom products in locations throughout the US and Canada.

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