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Car Wrap Design for Mobile Advertising

Posted by Murray Johns on Sep 3, 2010 11:19:00 PM

Mobile advertising is the most cost effective method used to create many visual impressions, and a custom car wrap design can pack the right punch when it comes to communicating a company's marketing message.

Don't you start to feel hungry when you see a Moe's Southwest Grill car wrap?  The bright colors, creative logo elements and playful layout turn this Honda Element into a rolling billboard for Moe's restaurants in Middle Tennessee.

Custom Honda Element wrap for mobile fleet advertising

We chose to oversize the logos in order to intentionally let the edges fall off the car's panels.  Adding a slight rotation to the text adds a fun twist to the message.  Careful alignment between the perforated window film and the rest of the solid print vinyl allowed us to use larger design elements without having to confine them to smaller areas.

Custom Honda Element Moe's wrap with window graphics

Why didn't we wrap the black plastic areas?  Adhesion between the wrap vinyl and textured auto plastic is not terrific.  By explaining the potential for these areas to fail more quickly than the rest of the wrap, the customer's expectations are properly established, and likely disappointment is avoided.

To learn more and to discuss options for your own custom car wrap design, contact us today!  We invite your comments regarding this custom car wrap design.

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