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How to Use Your Brand to Create Iconic Signage

Even though everything has gone digital these days, there’s a reason why physical signage is still an essential part of business branding and visibility. Several reasons, actually. Not only is...

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Preserving Your Vehicle Advertising Wrap

Once you’ve elected to use your car, truck, or van as a traveling advertisement for your business, you may think you can check that marketing tool off your list. Although the crux of the job is done...

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How To Choose the Best Colors for Your Signs

Color is the first thing we notice in a brand. In fact, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Think about big brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi: they wouldn’t be the same without their...

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5 Unique Signage Trends That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Signs are one of the best opportunities for your brand to capture the attention of a potential customer. Indoor signage is just as important because once you get a customer inside, you want them to...

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Honored to Be the Official Signage Provider for Nashville's St. Patrick’s Parade

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and as the old saying goes, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish… You’re lucky enough!” We’re proud to announce that 12-Point SignWorks is lucky enough to...

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Choosing the Right Signage for Your Storefront

Storefront signs are an essential part of your business’s style and brand. An iconic storefront sign will be the first thing that pops into a shopper’s mind when they imagine your business, so it’s...

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Does Your Business Need a Rebrand?

Your brand is one of your company’s most important assets. More than just a logo, your brand is the very essence of your business. But what do you do when your company’s brand identity evolves? Or...

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Boost Customer Experience and Morale Through Environmental Design

“Customer Appreciation Day” shouldn’t be the only day of the year that your company shows appreciation for its customer base. A business thrives because of consistent customer support, especially...

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Branded Environments: Transform Your Plain Space into Something Unforgettable

Branded environments are more than just a sign on a wall or a logo on a door. A branded environment takes the next step and pulls an entire space together with one theme – your brand. You can...

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Get Your Walls Ready for the “WOW” of Vinyl Graphics

Custom wall graphics and murals showcase a company’s brand with style. It’s something that customers notice as soon as they enter the doors. Adhesive-backed vinyl graphics with high resolution in an...

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