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Choosing the Right Signage for Your Storefront

Posted on February 13, 2023 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Storefront signs are an essential part of your business’s style and brand. An iconic storefront sign will be the first thing that pops into a shopper’s mind when they imagine your business, so it’s crucial to put up signs that are memorable and on-brand. 

But where should you start when it comes to designing the perfect sign for your business? With dozens of design options and materials available, choosing all the right elements for your sign can be overwhelming. Luckily, 12-Point SignWorks walks with you every step of the way and offers tips on creating an iconic storefront.

Design That Sign!

Before You Start Designing 
Before anything else, make sure you know your local zoning regulations. Each local zoning commission has specific restrictions on the width, color, materials, messaging, and other details of storefront signs. Check your local city planning department to learn more about zoning regulations in your area so you don’t accidentally waste money by purchasing the wrong sign first.

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Choose a Sign Type
Choosing the type of sign you want will depend on your brand, your budget, and the amount of space you have available. On the lower end of the cost range are fabric signs, such as these Spotify Hot Country banners made by 12-Point SignWorks, which are great for temporary events and sales. Mid to high-range signs can include plywood, metal laser-cut, and rock signs for a rustic, outdoorsy feel.

Hot Country 

Or, go for a sleeker look with screen-printed windows, metal lettering, or digital signs. Roadway signs are also classics, allowing shoppers to see your business from far away. 
Carefully consider all of these options before choosing the sign for you. Some businesses can’t afford more prominent signage or don’t have enough space on their storefront, but they can still create small, bold signs that will attract customers on the streets. 


Design That Sign!
The most important part of designing your business’s sign is to stay true to your brand image. If your signage looks and feels like the products you sell, your desired customers will likely come in and browse around. Take a look at your existing branding materials to gain inspiration for the look you want, but don’t be afraid to research signs from other stores to see what works and what you like.

Small design details also work wonders when making a memorable sign. Choose bold, contrasting colors that match your brand. Make sure that your fonts fit the brand image and are clear and readable from a distance. Finally, choose the right sign size to fit your storefront and tie everything together.

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Sourcing Your Sign 
Designing and producing the signage for your business needs to be done right, and that’s why 12-Point SignWorks is centered around walking you through every step of the process. Let us help you design and build custom projects, from storefront banners to personalized screen-printed graphics. 12-Point SignWorks strives to make your brand come to life through customized signage and design. 

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Give us a call or send us a message today so we can help you choose the right signage for your storefront!

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