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5 Unique Signage Trends That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Posted on March 30, 2023 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Signs are one of the best opportunities for your brand to capture the attention of a potential customer. Indoor signage is just as important because once you get a customer inside, you want them to stick around. Some signs are so iconic that they are recognizable by millions. But with so many businesses and so many different kinds of signs, it’s hard to find something unique.

Chances are, there’s no sign style we haven’t done at this point. But some designs will help your business stand out more than the rest, especially if you tailor it specifically to your brand. Here are five unique signs 12-Point SignWorks created for clients and how you can take inspiration from them for your business. 

3D Signage

This airplane graphic we made for one of our clients is an excellent example of 3D signage. When most people think of 3D signage, they think of lettering that pops out from the rest of the sign, giving the design a more animated feel. But in this case, the sign is a flat photograph mural of an airplane, and the 3D element is a polished wooden propeller. This style of sign is an unexpected visual and immediately captures the eye. This particular design looks like the plane is about to take off into the room. Try 3D signage if your business features products or services that typically have a lot of movement or energy: for example, a sports equipment store with a flat mural of a man kicking a real 3D soccer ball.


Lighted Signs

You can use light in many creative ways to make your signs (and architecture in general) stand out. This one uses the company’s lantern logo to add an extra layer to the sign’s meaning. Not only does it make sense to have the lantern light up, but it also shines light directly onto the sign’s text, guiding your eyes toward the name of the business. Try brainstorming ways to include light in your signage because even if it’s just halo-lighted lettering, it can bring you a lot of attention. 


Photograph Wall Murals

Photograph wall murals can turn your space into a whole new place. Murals that take up an entire wall with a beautiful photograph can be incredibly immersive. They also tell a story. Take this one for Silicon Ranch Corporation, which produces solar panels. This photograph shows off their solar panels against the backdrop of the gorgeous Colorado mountains. Additional text at the top provides context for the stunning picture. Murals show off what your business is all about.

Valley View Solar

Colorful Signs

It may seem simple, but sometimes a little strategic coloring can make all the difference. This dimensional acrylic panel sign is attractive because of its cutout lettering, but the bright pink coloring takes it to the next level. Bright colors are eye-catching. This is also a monochromatic look, and the complementary shades of pink make it sleek and trendy. Play around with how you can use monochromatic coloring in your signage, but stick to your brand colors so it doesn’t look out of place. 

JC Bank

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are classic, and for a good reason. There are dozens of design variations you can use with wooden signs. Cutouts are unique, especially when the wood beneath is a different shade. Wooden cutouts give a look of depth and movement to a sign, which is another good choice for businesses with a more energetic brand. 



If you have a unique sign idea in mind, reach out to 12-Point SignWorks. We’ve worked on dozens of cool projects, and there’s no idea too creative that we can’t handle. Contact us today to get started. 

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