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4 of the Most Iconic Signs in the World

Posted on February 15, 2022 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

Sometimes, a sign is just a sign. It tells you where you are or where you're going. Many signs seem to blend into their environment – matching the branding of the locale. A sign for a country club will likely be regal, with a touch of gold found somewhere within. Chances are, the sign you see at the entrance of a park will be wooden, taking full advantage of natural surroundings to appear as if it grew there itself. But some signs are the complete opposite. Signs designed to stand out, to send a message with a shout and an exclamation point. Iconic signs that almost define their location with just their existence. Not sure what we mean? Think about these examples.


The (arguably) most famous sign in the world sits on a lonely hill, just above the city it represents. The famous HOLLYWOOD sign doesn't just represent the area's name (the "LAND" at the end of the original sign was removed after about twenty years); it's a symbol to aspiring actors that they have made it. Other visitors see it and know they are about to encounter some of the most glamourous surroundings they've ever seen.

Iconic Signs You don't even have to see it from the front (or all of it, for that matter) to know which iconic sign this is.


Las Vegas

You haven't really made it to Vegas unless you've seen it. That famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign speaks of everything that Sin City and the 60s have always stood for – bright lights, colors, and excitement. Not located on the main strip, tourists will still go out of their way just to see the sign.

Las Vegas Sign This famous sign has been the backdrop of many a family picture and has made cameo appearances in several blockbuster movies over the years as well.


Radio City Music Hall

The pink neon vertical lights spelling out the name of the famous New York venue may not have begun with the intention of becoming world-renowned. Still, as years go by, it's hard not to look at the seven-story high signs and realize you are in the presence of something historic.

Radio City Music Hall Signs Basking in the iconic lights of the Radio City Music Hall has been the dream of millions, achieved by so few.


London Underground

Traveling across the Pond, you'll come to England and most likely make your way to London if that wasn't where you landed at first. Need to make your way around the British capital? You will probably be heading for the subway – evident by the iconic red circle with the blue horizontal line through it, marked with the white block text, Underground. Foreign travelers will always know where to go if they see that sign.

London Underground The instantly recognizable blue and red of the London Underground logo is a perfect example of international iconic signage.


Does your business need an iconic sign? Do you want to be known for your landmark signage? Or do you prefer to find something quieter to go with your brand? Maybe you aren't sure? We think we've designed and fabricated some pretty iconic signage for businesses across the country, and we'd love to help you create yours! Call or email us for a consultation today.

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