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Putting Custom Banners to Work for Your Business

Posted on November 17, 2023 | Posted by 12-Point SignWorks

How can you make a splash and catch your customer's eye without breaking the bank? Custom banners and branded signage could be the physical marketing tool your business needs. Exterior signage has a significant impact on buyer opinions of a brand and can influence whether or not they stop in and buy your products or services. Just think of all the billboards you see while driving along the road. You probably have them memorized. A custom banner is like a portable billboard, eliciting the same reaction but planted in precisely the spot you want it to be. As valuable as these banners are for outdoor business advertising, they're just as useful indoors as well. 


It all comes down to your specific needs and our team is here to help. When you need temporary signage for an event or signage that can be easily moved, custom banners are the way to go. However, there are several decisions that must be made when picking what type of materials and construction to use. Before you order your sign, keep these details in mind.



The portability of a custom banner opens a new facet of placement considerations. However, where you place your banners will determine what needs to go into their construction. Whether fastened directly to a wall, hung from rope or suction cups, attached to poles, or stretched across a tension frame, it will require special equipment to go along with it. Even when used as indoor business signs, suspending banners from poles will necessitate special ceiling hardware. No matter what kind of banners your business or event needs, our team will walk you through everything you need to ensure optimal visibility and durable construction.12PointBanners3



Are you picturing your banner in a place with bright or harsh lighting? Could there be a significant glare on the banner? These situations could even apply to outdoor advertising in open sunlit areas. Consider banners hanging behind storefront glass (or facing the sun), stage backdrops with bright spotlights, etc. In such cases, using banner material with a matte finish can help reduce glare.



In addition to light, consider whether you'll expose your banner to significant wind conditions outside. We've got you covered at 12-Point! Consider using vinyl banners with "wind slits" cut into the face or use a mesh material. You don't want to chase your baseball field sponsor banners into the outfield!


Custom vinyl banner signs effectively create full-color, temporary advertising signage, no matter where you place them. Flag banners are available in various shapes and can be custom-printed as single or double-sided banner signs. When you need to catch the attention of potential clients or event participants, when used with other physical branding like custom window graphics, banners are a compelling yet simple option.12PointBanners4


Whether temporary or a little more permanent, we can assist you with designing and fabricating the perfect banner to fit your needs. Contact us at 12-Point SignWorks today, and an experienced team member will walk you through everything you need to create your customized prime advertising opportunity. New call-to-action


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