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12-Point SignWorks is thankful for... (2015 edition!)

Posted on November 25, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

It's hard to believe that the holiday season has arrived! Many homes in my neighborhood already have their festive lights and Christmas colors on display. But before we race into December, we would like to focus on the the current month. November prompts us to reflect on our blessings. We focus on family and friends and on helping those in need. Before this month comes to an end, we want to share some of the things for which our 12-Point SignWorks team is thankful.

12-Point SignWorks turkey for Thanksgiving.


We are thankful for partnerships that allow our work to be on display all over the country. We feature many of our big projects on our Project of the Week blog, but there are quite a few that we don't mention...at all. Don't get me wrong - we want to share them! It's just the nature of the business and our relationships. The partnerships and friendships that we've made matter more than the publicity, and we are happy to keep it that way! 


Continued Growth

We mentioned our growth in our 2014 edition, and we haven't slowed down yet! We've met new clients, added more team members, added new equipment, created more signs, and wrapped many more vehicles. We have a new laser that provides us with fresh opportunities and lots of fun! (You should come by to see our 12-Point Christmas tree and all of our fancy ornaments!) We are grateful for our growth and, in all honesty, don't see any signs of us slowing down.


Challenges only make us stronger, right? Yes! We've had some challenges throughout the year, and they definitely have strengthened us as a company and as a team. You just can't do it alone. We've added many new faces (see the next topic!), and change like that can be scary. Lucky for us, it's been a smooth transition. For that, we are thankful.

Creative Differences :)

Our 12-Points team is made up of unique personalities, unusual outlooks, awesome talents, variations in volume, and strange noises. (We miss you, Jordan!) All of our differences make coming to work an adventure. They also help us conquer challenges and come up with solutions since we can draw on all of our talents together. 

We are thankful to work in an environment where everyone appreciates one another. In the words of our wise owner, "We are all here to provide the means to put food on our tables at home." We are in this together, and we wouldn't want it any other way.


We build relationships, old and new, each and every day. We get to meet people from businesses, organizations and groups all over the country. As we create signage, we get a little peek into our customers' lives, personalities, hopes and dreams. We are blessed with referrals and repeat customers all of the time, and that is the greatest compliment of all. At 12-Point SignWorks, we love what we do, and we are thankful to share our expertise and skills with you.  

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and appreciate your interest in our company. We wouldn't be here without YOU! If your holiday season involves special events, let us know if we can help you advertise with custom signage. You can call us at (615) 595-6564 or click on the link below.

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