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Accessory Vinyl Wraps for Truck Toppers: Blend In or Stand Out?

Posted on March 03, 2016 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Sometimes a truck topper comes as an afterthought. Your truck is working just fine, but you keep wishing the bed had a cover over it. Now what? Will the new topper come in your paint color? What if your truck has a custom vinyl wrap on it? That's where we come in! Accessory vinyl wraps help your new topper blend in to your truck's paint or, even better, stand out with your truck's custom wrap. 

Recently, a customer of ours contacted us because he got a new truck topper for his Nissan Frontier. He doesn't have just any Frontier. His truck has a custom camo advertising wrap for Mossy Oak Properties, and the truck topper was white. That's a big difference. It could even be considered an eyesore...yikes!

The Nissan Frontier truck topper before it was wrapped. 12-Point SignWorks

See the difference? BIG.

Whether we use a particular color and/or finish in a premium wrap film, or we digitally print a custom color or design, we can make the topper fit the desired look of any truck. For the Nissan Frontier, we produced a digital print of the same Mossy Oak camouflage pattern that we used on the actual truck body in January of 2015. We installed the pieces to the white truck topper in our shop. (The truck didn't miss any time out on the road!) 

The wrap installation for the truck topper in our Franklin TN shop. 12-Point SignWorks

Here is the topper during installation. We used knifeless tape to overlap the material as we wrapped each side of the topper. The knifeless tape provides a clean cut line without the risk of cutting into the topper.

Even though the topper isn't large, it still takes some time to skillfully apply the vinyl. Our installers pay close attention to every detail on a vehicle or vehicle accessory. From hinges to window trim, they make sure that the vinyl is expertly applied.

Attention to detail around the windows of the truck topper. 12-Point SignWorks

Check out the vinyl application on the piano hinge above. Perfection!

The completed truck topper on our shop floor. 12-Point SignWorks

Here is the completed topper in our shop - just waiting to be reunited with the Nissan Frontier. Can you even see it? Ok, bad camo joke.

Once the topper was placed back on the truck, the transformation of the vehicle was instantaneous. It blended so well to the year-old truck wrap that, as it was driving away, one of our teammates asked when we had wrapped an SUV! (I am sworn to secrecy and will NOT tell you who that person was! I will tell you that it wasn't me...phew!) :)


The topper getting installed on the truck again! 12-Point SignWorks

Vinyl wraps are the perfect solution for transforming truck toppers, camper tops, camper shells, or any other way you want to say it! We also can wrap hard tops for Jeeps and other vehicle accessories. Whether you want to make the item blend in or stand out, we can make it happen with the highest quality materials and most skilled installers. Contact us at (615) 595-6564 for a free consultation on your next project, or you can click on the link below.

Do you have something unique that needs a wrap? Contact us today to get started!

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