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Advertising Wraps+Food+Trucks = YUM!

Posted on April 30, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

Since today is Street Food Thursday in Nashville, we thought it would be fitting to write a blog about the vehicles that make this day so special. The great thing about food trucks is...the FOOD! If you can look past the food, another great thing is the chance they give for continuous advertising. Food trucks are essentially mobile billboards that advertise the savory or sweet treats created and served from within. We've had the pleasure of designing and installing advertising wraps for quite a few of our Nashville food trucks. From spot graphics to partial or full coverage wraps, the opportunities to create custom brand recognition are endless...and fun! (And can make you a little hungry!)

A partial coverage advertising wrap for Retro Sno by 12-Point SignWorks

We've had the pleasure of working with Retro Sno for both of their trucks! Did you know that the darker teal color is actually paint?

Spot graphics and wraps on food trucks are, well, a necessity. Can you imagine going to a festival or event and seeing rows of plain white trucks lined up? Where would you start? How would you know which one had the best grilled cheese ever or the sweetest sno cone? There is nothing appealing (or appetizing) about walking up to a plain ole solid colored truck. To conquer this problem, food truck owners look at what will make them stand out in the crowd. They want their fave customers to spot them with a quick glance. They want future clientele to be drawn to their colors, graphics and displayed menus...AND to the yummy treats that they serve. 

Delta Bound food trailer by 12-Point SignWorks


We installed custom digitally printed die-cut graphics for Delta Bound's trailer.
Fun fact: We are currently working on graphics for their new store in Spring Hill! 

Our team at 12-Point SignWorks knows food trucks, and we know how to wrap them. If you are thinking about starting your own food truck business, or if you have a food truck that needs some TLC, here are some things to consider:

  • Professional DesignThe design can be as simple as a catchy logo or as elaborate as a full coverage wrap with bright colors and graphics. Often times, the food truck owner comes to us with a complete design. Other times, we have the pleasure of creating the design for them. Our talented graphic designers understand the unique nature of food trucks - and other vehicle wraps. 
A custom advertising wrap for Polar Tropical by 12-Point SignWorks
We were part of the whole process for this wrap for Polar Tropical Shaved Ice & Sweet Treats. From design to installation, we watched the entire truck come together.
  • Premium Quality Materials. Our standard vinyl and laminate materials are considered the highest quality in the industry. We want the wrap to look just as wonderful as you do, and we can make that happen by only using the best materials out there.
Hot off the press for Retro Sno's advertising wrap. 12-Point SignWorks
Retro Sno vinyl...hot off the press!
  • Expert Installation and Attention to Detail. We believe in training our team to be the best they can be. Rich, our Director of Wrap Installation, is an Avery Certified Wrap Installer. His training, and the experience of our team, are evident in the wrinkle and bubble-free wraps that drive out of our garage. 

Really, the exterior of the food truck is like the wrapping paper on the best.gift.ever. You want the wrap to offer intrigue, excitement, fun and a little hint of what's inside. The wrap is the brand recognition of the food within. It deserves to be amazing!

Bistro Truck advertising wrap by 12-Point SignWorks


The Bistro Truck was another wrap we worked on from design to installation. Notice the rustic, brick background, vines and awning?

Now, back to today and the events coming up in May. Like we said, today is Street Food Thursday in Nashville. What does this mean, you ask? It's the kickoff to the 3rd annual Nashville Street Food Month that runs through the entire month of May. If you've developed a craving for some food truck fare, you can head to Deadrick Street today and stuff your face with delicious grub from 18 different food trucks. 

If you can't make it today, don't fret! There are activities involving food trucks all through May. You can find a list of events HERE. If you are in the Franklin area - like we are, you may want to check out the Eat the Street Food Truck Festival on May 8 at Bicentennial Park on 3rd Avenue in downtown Franklin. 

If all of this talk makes you want to start your very own food truck, or if you have one that needs a little updating, give us a call or come by and see us! We are happy to get your wheels decorated for the road.

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