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Back Printed Acrylic: Perfect for Striking Displays and Unique Gifts

Posted on December 04, 2015 | Posted by Kris Williamson

It's that time of year when gift giving is on everyone's mind. If you're looking beyond the typical big-box store selection but don't have time to create something on your own, back printed acrylic pieces offer just what you need. (FYI: Back printed simply means that we've digitally printed the graphics on the back side or second surface of the material.) The pieces can become statement art on a wall or a sentimental display to be treasured for years to come. Our 12-Point design team can assist you to personalize a layout that is perfect for you.

We've created custom back printed acrylic pieces for local schools, large corporations, and individual customers in search of something unique. 

A custom architectural display that we created for Williamson County Schools using back printed acrylic. 12-Point SignWorks


An architectural display system for Page High School in Franklin, TN

The cable suspension display for Williamson County Schools uses back printed acrylic pieces. 12-Point SignWorks

A cable suspension system for Page Middle School in Franklin, TN

Choate Construction presented this custom back printed acrylic piece as a gift. 12-Point SignWorks


A custom acrylic display plaque for Choate Construction

From the artwork used to the various display methods, the examples are very different; however, they all use the same fabrication process. In each case, we digitally printed graphics onto pieces of clear acrylic. Custom artwork, photographs, and even personal signatures can be used for this process. The end results are beautiful pieces of custom signage that can be displayed and enjoyed by all.

Back printed acrylic pieces can be used for:

  • Awards
  • Custom art
  • Personalized gifts
  • Commemorative displays
  • Informational pieces
  • Wayfinding signage
This process offers a unique and striking way to display a personal message. Not only does the clear acrylic resemble glass, it also enhances the colors and crisp details within the graphics. The acrylic protects the image from moisture and general wear and tear. Because the acrylic is so versatile, the piece (or pieces) can be displayed in a variety of ways. In the photos above, we used expanded steel pans with standoffs, a custom cable suspension display system, and 1" etched aluminum standoffs. We've even created simple displays that can be placed on an easel. 

If you need a gift or display with a personal touch, contact us today about back printed acrylic signage. We can be reached at (615) 595-6564 or by clicking on the link below.

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