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Custom Carbon Fiber Vehicle Wraps

Posted on March 21, 2012 | Posted by Rich Novia

Carbon fiber vehicle accessories and parts can be extremely expensive and often involve replacing an existing part, piece, or panel with one made out of real carbon fiber materials. With the development of textured carbon fiber vinyl materials, you can now wrap vehicle surfaces instead of replacing them. This gives you the look and feel of real carbon fiber -texture and all. One of the advantages of the carbon fiber wrap is the ability to remove the vinyl from the wrapped piece or pieces, and the finish or paint underneath is in the same quality as it was before it was wrapped, especially on vehicles. Wrapping hoods, roofs, mirrors, etc. on vehicles helps protect the paint as well, essentially covering it from UV damage and debris from the road.

Carbon Fiber Custom Wrap, custom wrap, Carbon Fiber Vinyl

One of the challenges in wrapping multiple vehicle parts can be matching the weave from piece to piece. If you have a hood, roof, and spoiler wrap (which is a very common request at our facility) making sure the weave and pattern on the wrap maintains same direction throughout is the attention to the details our customers appreciate. Standard carbon fiber usually is clear coated for protection, and the “dry” carbon fiber manufacturing is usually more expensive. With the carbon fiber wrap material, you have the dry carbon look, which is race inspired and desirable in popular automotive cultures today.

Carbon Fiber Custom Wrap, custom wrap, Carbon Fiber VinylCarbon Fiber Custom Wrap, custom wrap, Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Finding the right carbon fiber wrap material for your application is all personal preference as well. Not all carbon fiber patterns from vinyl suppliers are the same. 3M's carbon fiber is a textured, realistic looking dry carbon look, where as some of the other manufacturers make a gloss carbon fiber. Colored carbon fiber options are available too, depending on the manufacturer as well. We suggest looking at samples of several carbon fiber materials in person, feeling the texture, seeing the finish, and how the colors may compliment the rest of your project. Remember to speak with your installer as well, as their preference and recommendations on application will help you get the best quality and look out of your project.

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