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Vinyl Accents for Custom Car Wraps!

Posted on May 09, 2012 | Posted by Rich Novia

Wrapping vehicle accent pieces and parts in vinyl is growing in popularity.  The idea that you can cover side mirrors, hoods, trunks, spoilers/body kits, interior pieces, and just about anything else we can stick vinyl to is extremely alluring to the auto-customizing crowds.  Wrapping your racing seats in carbon fiber or adding matte black to your roof or spoiler is much less expensive than it is to replace the parts with real carbon fiber pieces or to paint. As a result, vehicle wrap accent pieces are extremely cost effective in the long run.  Cars deteriorate over time; they lose their value over mileage and road wear and tear.  Vinyl wrap materials not only allow you to change your vehicle aesthetically, but they also protect the wrapped areas from the elements and preserve the paint underneath.

Carbon Fiber Racing Seat Wrap, carbon fiber wrap, 12 point signworksCarbon Fiber Racing Seat Wrap, carbon fiber wrap, 12 point signworks

  Actual Porsche racing seats wrapped carbon fiber vinyl by 12-Point SignWorks

With improvements in wrap vinyl technology, the material has become more conformable with a stronger adhesive and allows us to reposition and stretch the vinyl before laying down the pressure needed to activate the adhesive.  Removal is also easier and doesn't damage the paint given the release properties of the adhesive.  We find ourselves applying vinyl accents to all kinds of vehicles in the shop - from sports cars, to SUVs, to exotic cars.  Some customers are looking for carbon fiber on the hood and roof of their Porsche, others gloss black on their BMW roof.  Some want matte black racing stripes, or our newest addition, chrome vinyl wrap from Avery.

Avery Chrome Cast Vinyl, 12 Point Signworks

                  Photo Courtesy of Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions


      matte black vinyl Porsche hood wrap matte black vinyl graphics accent on Porsche

matte black vinyl Porsche wing and roof

Matte black Porsche 911 accents on hood, sides, roof, and wing

(and ... those are reflections of clouds you see - not paint or wrap defects!)

Take a look at your car, and see what you could change to help add some flair and personal details to set you apart from the rest!  Contact 12-Point SignWorks for an estimate on your next accent wrap project.

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