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Vehicle Wraps Turn Personal Rides Into Unique Car Art

Posted on May 16, 2013 | Posted by Murray Johns

Are you looking for a way to truly stand out from the crowd? Customized vehicle wraps may be the answer that you're looking for. Beyond bumper stickers and car magnets, vehicle wraps actually transform your personal vehicle into a rolling representation of your custom message. Here's a closer look at what a personalized vehicle wrap is, and what they're capable of accomplishing for you and your image.

Custom vinyl car wrap design with cartoon sheep designA custom car wrap design for a pastor who wants the world to know that she ministers to sheep of all sizes and colors!  Read more about this custom "Wooly Wagon car wrap design"

Vehicle wraps aren't just for business anymore
While it's true that many company fleets enjoy the benefits associated with advertising through vehicle wrapping, more and more vehicle owners are making the decision to cloak their personal vehicles in the design of their choosing. If you love racing, why shouldn't you be able to trick out your car so that it resembles your favorite NASCAR vehicle? And if you always wished to be up-close-and-personal with the dinosaurs like in one of the Jurassic Park off-roaders, who says you can't? A vehicle wrap allows you to tailor fit your automobile to your personality and specific interests so that regardless of whether you love Army camouflage or Hello Kitty, your vehicle will always represent you.

Jurassic Park Prius vinyl car wrapCustom vinyl car wrap to create a "themed" Toyota Prius (yes, the car wrap is real, but the baby T-Rex is admittedly just some guy in a rubber suit!)

Vehicle wrapping can get you noticed
Obviously, the customized design on your car will set you apart from other commuters, but a vehicle wrap can also allow you to send a customized message to the public. Some car owners use their wraps to advertise their personal businesses, while others may just want to share a positive, inspirational quote to the world. Even QR codes can be incorporated into the wrap so that smartphone users can link to your website or social media profile.  Full color, large format printing capabilities let us print very high resolution images to include in your vehicle wrap design.

Nissan Cube car wrap graphicsA temporary set of car graphics was used to transform a Nissan Cube into a pest control vehicle for an advertising campaign

Custom vinyl van wrap designEven vehicle wraps for business advertising can be fun and unique!

Solid color vehicle wraps
In addition to full color printed wraps, we can use solid color vinyl to create unique "designer" vehicle wraps.  These high-performance wrap materials can create a sleek look that really accentuates the vehicle's body lines.  One or more colors can be used with either matte or gloss finishes, and unique vinyl wrap textures such as carbon fiber and brushed metals are also available to personalize your car.

Satin black designer wrap on Aston Martin DB-SSatin black designer color change car wrap: Aston Martin DB-S (photo: Ian Cresswell)

To learn more about personalized vehicle wraps, contact us at 12-Point SignWorks today!

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