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Outdoor Sign Placement Is Just as Important as the Sign Design

Posted on August 15, 2013 | Posted by Murray Johns

Placement of outdoor signs is an important aspect of branding and advertising for any organization. Locate the sign in the wrong place and it won't be noticed by your target audience. But there are many other aspects of outdoor signs that determine how effective they are. Here's a checklist to make sure your outside signs are most effective:

Ascend FCU monument resized 600Outdoor monument signs can be built with custom shapes to accentuate your logo

  • Design and branding - Check that the imagery on your sign is consistent with the rest of your branding, otherwise audiences won’t connect the sign with your company, which will reduce its effectiveness. Poor design will also result in your message being lost as audiences attempt to decipher the sign, or worse, give up.
  • Size - Does your sign conform to any government restrictions? Make sure you and the design team are aware of any restrictions before production begins.

outdoor dimensional letters business signOutdoor dimensional letters scaled to fit the client's building

  • Mountings - The method you use to mount an outdoor sign can affect the design. Consider the mountings before design begins and use a qualified and licensed installer to be confident of a smooth installation.

Outdoor hanging signOrnamental brackets are useful for hanging signs both indoors and outdoors

  • Height - Ideally, outdoor signs should be clearly visible from as many angles as possible with minimal obstacles between the audience and the message. 

Canopy sign pole signCanopy signage and an elevated pole sign give this bank increased visibility

  • Environmental extremes - weatherproof sign will help ensure that more people will see your message no matter the weather. 

retail storefront outdoor historic signsThese outdoor signs on a retail storefront take advantage of the unique arched architecture of the historic building

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