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Creating a New Lobby Sign for Your Business? 5 Key Aspects to Consider

Posted on August 29, 2013 | Posted by Murray Johns

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so use your lobby sign to make that first impression a good one. But what are the essential ingredients of a striking sign to welcome visitors into your reception area? Think about these five areas when planning an impactful lobby sign:

Lobby sign design complements the decorThis dimensional lobby sign uses the client's corporate logo design and at the same time complements the decor colors of the furniture and wall/flooring

  • Color - You want the sign to stand out, but you also need to make sure the colors you select match or at least complement your company branding. Stick to your brand guidelines. It's amazing how even one shade out of sync can change the impact from professional to amateur.
  • Material - Modern options can be lighter and cheaper than more traditional choices like glass and stone. Or try something classic such as bronze. Think about where the sign's going and what the ambient conditions are. For example, will the sign be in direct sunlight and therefore likely to fade? 
  • Texture - Here's where you get the chance to really add interest to your lobby sign. Try contrasting materials such as brick and brushed metal. Add patterns to introduce some variation.

3 Dimensional lobby sign designThe use of materials that complement the lobby construction helps to tie in the lobby sign with its surroundings.  In this case, the materials used to create this three dimensional lobby sign include stained wood, frosted acrylic, satin finish aluminum attachment hardware, glossy acrylic letters, and a cast aluminum "tree" representing a key feature of the clien'ts logo.

  • Size - The size of the sign should also be consistent with its surroundings. Although you want the lobby sign to be seen, too large a sign can take over the area. Don't skimp either — a sign that's too small may give the impression of a second-rate company.
  • Lighting - Decisions about lighting are critical to the success of your sign. A modest sign can be greatly enhanced with dramatic lighting, whether backlit, front lit or just with added glow. 

Lobby sign lighting effectsLighting a lobby sign can be external, such as with spot lights, or the lighting can be integrated into the sign's structure as can be seen in the photograph above that reveals a "glow" following the lobby sign's arch

For more information about how to design the best lobby sign for your company, contact the pros at 12-Point SignWorks, LLC. We're based in the Franklin, Tenn., area, but we provide services coast to coast.
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