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Vehicle wraps: some jobs call for full, others partial

Posted on September 26, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell
Vehicle wraps spread the word about your business or promotion, and with the right design, you'll make an unforgettable first impression. If you're looking for a custom wrap for your company vehicle, you have two main options: 
  • Full wraps - Also called full vehicle wraps, these designs cover your entire vehicle. Each section of the design is printed to cover a large panel of the vehicle's exterior with one piece of vinyl. By minimizing the number of seams, the result looks like an all-over paint job from only a few feet away from the vehicle.
vehicle wrap, full-wrap, vehicle advertising, car wrapFull wraps create a seamless look for your vehicle.
  • Partial wraps - A partial wrap covers one to three quarters of your vehicle and is designed to coordinate with the vehicle's existing paint job. You can also add smaller decals, window graphics and vinyl letters to round out the design.

partial wrap, vehicle wrap, car wrapPartial wraps are great for larger, industrial vehicles.

You may be wondering after all that which one would be best for your company. Here are some tips to help you decide.

Use a Full Wrap If...

  • Your vehicle is small, such as a passenger car. A seamless design gives you more space to express your message.
  • Your vehicle's color doesn't work well with your branding. A full wrap is more cost-effective than a new paint job.
  • You want to protect your vehicle's paint job. Adhesive vinyl sealed with UV laminate film defends your paint job from the elements. A partial wrap allows uncovered areas to fade.
  • You want your message to be seen from every angle.
Choose a Partial Wrap If...
  • Your vehicle is large, such as a work van or truck.
  • Your vehicle has curves or bumps that would make a large design look warped. A partial wrap can be easily fit into flat areas.
  • You're looking for an affordable way to customize your vehicle. Partials cost less than seamless wraps because they use less material and they're easier to install.

partial vehicle wrap, car wrap A little can go a long way with the right design!

Custom vehicle wraps turn your car, van or truck into a memorable mobile billboard. To get started with yours or for advice on which format to choose, get in touch with us at 12-Point SignWorks.

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