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3 Factors For Making Your Retail Signs Great

Posted on October 15, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Retail signs are more than just informational. They also reflect your attention to quality, shape each customer's experience and anchor your brand in your customers' minds. If you expect your signs to do all that effectively, keep these three things in mind.
1. Visible quality - Even at a glance, the quality of your signs is obvious to your customers. Retail signage is no place to skimp. Good material such as acrylic, aluminum composite and high-density urethane foam tell your customers you care about the details. A professional design expresses your company's personality in a striking, memorable way. High-resolution printing gives you clear images that look exactly the way your designer envisioned.

retail sign, dimensional signUsing quality materials for your retail signs will make your business seem more professional than one that doesn't.

2. Form and function - To really work for your business, your directional signs, menu boards and other informational signage need to fit your brand. The design shouldn't overwhelm the information, though. Simplicity is key. Your design should use a minimum of words spaced and sized for easy reading. A skilled designer can create a sign layout that presents essential information in a clear and attractive way.

retail signs, dimensional signsThis is a great example of a retail sign that sticks to brand. This is a vintage-style children's clothing store, and all of their retail signs reflect retro charm and style. 

3. Prominent location - The last thing you want is for lost visitors to miss your wayfinding signs. To make sure that doesn't happen, carefully plan your directional signage strategy. A designer can help by lending a visitor's fresh perspective. Of course, your announcements, point-of-purchase displays and other signs should attract attention as well. They need to be prominently placed, but you don't want them in the way either. Wall-mounted and hanging signs stand out without blocking traffic.

hanging signs, retail signs

As consumers we are used to seeing hanging signs in larger box stores and will look for them as soon as we walk in.

Skillfully designed retail signs keep your customers informed and leave an indelible good impression. They're a small yet crucial part of the experience your business offers. At 12-Point SignWorks, we can sharpen your competitive edge with signs that help ensure that your customers enjoy doing business with you.


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