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Promoting an Event? How Outdoor Mesh Banners Can Help

Posted on October 03, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Fall is coming! And if Tennessee's wind and rain storms blow your signage around so much that no one can read it, your advertising investment is wasted. Mesh outdoor banners and tent signs make sure that won't happen to you.

walkway banners, outdoor bannersThese outdoor walkway banners are leading up to the General Jackson Showboat so they needed to resist wind and water because they were so close to the Cumberland River. 

These signs are made of perforated vinyl or PVC to allow wind to flow through and rain to run off. This prevents the banner from flapping around or becoming blurry, so it remains readable. The decreased wind resistance also reduces weather damage. To prevent tearing, the seams, eyelets and other vulnerable parts are carefully reinforced. 

Smart Reasons to Choose Mesh Signage
  • Wide range of sizes - From small tent signs to large banners of 40 feet or more, these outdoor signs can be printed up in nearly any size.
  • Clear, vibrant visuals - High-resolution, large format printing ensures your text and images grab attention and get your message across.
  • Individualized designs - No matter what size sign you need, you're never stuck with mundane clip art. Use your own artwork or let a professional graphic designer create a striking one-of-a-kind banner design that speaks to your target customers.
  • Portability - Mesh signs are foldable and relatively lightweight, so they're easy to transport to your event and easy to set up.

mesh banner, outdoor bannerMesh banners are great for outdoor events like the Chukkers for Charity polo match

Mesh Signage Has Endless Uses
  • Concerts - Because they let sound through, mesh banners are ideal for hiding stage equipment while promoting the band or event's name.
  • Sporting events - Promote sponsors, local teams or upcoming games without interference from wind and rain.
  • Faith-based gatherings - Combine information about your group with an inspirational message.
  • Markets, fairs and festivals - If you've got something to sell or a message to spread, an eye-catching tent sign is a must.

Concert banners, outdoor bannersThese large mesh banners are eye-catching and will resist most inclement weather. 

Don't let bad weather steal your chance to capture a potential customer's attention. At 12-Point SignWorks, we can design weather-resistant outdoor banners and tent signs for any occasion. 


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