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For the Love of Food Trucks: Nashville, TN

Posted on October 23, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

The sight of a food truck today gets me more excited than the jingling sound of an ice cream truck did when I was a kid. I always end up feeling kind of like this:

foodtruckmeme resized 600Or I break out into the song "Food Glorious Food" from Oliver!

Sadly as summer is ending we'll probably see less food trucks, but we’ve loved partaking of the ones here in Nashville. We've even had the privilege of working on a few! Because of this great love we have for food trucks, we've decided to put together a list of some of our favorites here in Nashville. Please note that this is just the author's opinion and is not meant to be comprehensive or a "best of" article! In fact, if there's one you think is great but isn't included in our list please mention it in the comments section so we can learn about another great place to visit.
  • Wrapper's Delight: I said, a hip, hop, hippie—the hippie...This tricked out food truck (cleverly named after a Sugarhill Gang classic) serves up wraps hip hop style with menu items like the "PB Cool J" and the "Hawaiian 5-0." The tilapia wrap seems to be one of the most popular items, but all of the wraps are great and reasonably priced so look for this one around town. Word. 
Wrappers Delight, food truck

Seen at the Porter Flea Market summer of 2013

  • The Grilled Cheeserie: If you're like me and love cheese more than life itself (only a slight exaggeration) then The Grilled Cheeserie will be your foodie nirvana. Foodvana, if you will. They even have vegan and gluten-free options, which may seem impossible at a place specializing in cheese-laden sandwiches. Ever heard of vegan rice milk cheese? Me neither. But vegans and the lactose intolerant alike can now dine on gourmet grilled cheese thanks to it! I'm personally excited that the melt of the moment is a delicious croque monsieur. Mon dieu, c'est magnifique
  • Retro Sno: We actually wrapped this one! Retro Sno sells shaved ice treats that they call "Snoballs." They're like snow cones but the ice is shaved off of a block instead of chipped so it comes out in a melt-in-your-mouth snow-like texture. It's literally like eating a deliciously flavored snowball! Next heat wave, go and try their blackberry pomegranate Snoball, it will definitely hit the spot. 
retro sno, food truck

The only way to eat snow in the summer.

  • Mas Tacos Por Favor: This Nashville staple is both a food truck and hole in the wall restaurant. As some of the best restaurants are, it's a very simple no-frills kind of place. You pay with cash, your food comes on a carboard container, and then you enter taco-induced ecstasies. I mean, seriously, you can buy fried avacado tacos. Fried. Avacado. Tacos. It also doesn't hurt that they sell Mexican Coca-Cola—and y'all know that's the good stuff with real cane sugar. Try it out and you will indeed be asking for mas. 
  • Deg Thai: This Asian food option is great if you're looking for something different while you're out and about. They've mastered that great blend of spicy and sweet flavors it takes to make great Thai food and are more reasonably priced than most "sit-down" Asian restaurants. My personal favorite is the green curry with its savory mix of spices and coconut milk, however the massaman wrap has won the Food Truck Award for best sandwich so it can't hurt to try that out first!
  • Biscuit Love: Finally, last but not least, is the Biscuit Love truck! Biscuit love specializes in southern comfort food. They have a dish called "The East Nasty" (that translates to "East Nashville" to all of you non-Nashvillians out there) that has a biscuit, sausage gravy, fried chicken, and cheddar cheese. Try that with a side of cheesy grits and a sweet tea and you'll truly feel like you're south of the Mason-Dixon. Chuck, one of our designers, personally recommends their watermelon salsa and pulled pork sandwich. 
biscut love logo resized 600

y'all come back now, ya here!


Thus concludes our list for now, but we're looking to explore and add on to it! Please leave a comment below about your favorite Nashville food truck or food truck menu item. We really love knowing where the locals eat :)

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