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The Uses of Custom Wall Wraps Are Limited Only by Your Imagination

Posted on October 24, 2013 | Posted by Murray Johns

Logos aren't the only thing custom wall wraps are good for. The versatility of commercial-grade self-adhesive wall coverings gives you endless ways to use them for branding, advertising and improved ambiance.

  • Beef up your branding - A wall wrap that carries your logo can also list the products and services you offer in an attention-grabbing and engaging format. The more your customers know about what you offer, the greater the chance you can give them what they want. 
temporary wall wrap

Even though this wall wrap was temporary, it was a great way of attracting customers to Moe's products, that it was hiring, and its new location.

  • Create an enticing product display - Sometimes there just isn't room to give all your products the display space they deserve. An advertising wall wrap with life-size images of your products gets your best offerings out where they'll be noticed. 
restaurant mural

This mural for a restaurant is artistic but also displays the product: cheeseburgers.

  • Enhance the ambiance - The mood in your business has a real impact on whether or not your customers buy. In a hiking goods store, for example, a backdrop of mountain peaks can inspire buyers to stock up on what they need. In a restaurant, a well-thought-out wall wrap can help create an atmosphere customers want to come back to.
Wall Mural, Lids, sports mural

Here's an example of a mural we installed for a sports training facility. The mural not only looked great but it fit the feel and purpose of the space.

  • Liven up your space - Bare walls lack inspiration when it comes to customer experience, but there isn't always room for a full-size mural. That's where smaller accent wall wraps come in. These designs can add character and punch up the color in any dull room.
partial wall mural

Even though this grey on grey skyline design is so simple, it does amazing things for this boardroom.

  • Get artistic - Fine art creates an air of class and sophistication. In large spaces, though, framed artwork can get lost. By enlarging artistic images into custom wall wraps, you'll ensure they're prominent enough to make an impact. This can work especially well if you have a few artistic high-resolution photos related to your work. 
wall mural, art, mural

Using an antique looking map design for a global ministry added sophistication to the lobby while also promoting their mission.

Affordable and easy to maintain, custom wall wraps are the perfect alternative to painted murals. If your walls could use a little jazzing up, contact us at 12-Point SignWorks about a customized wall covering today.

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