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Why Architectural Display Systems are Totally Rad

Posted on November 05, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

If we say the phrase "architectural display system" does anyone even know what we're talking about? It's kind of a nebulous and broad term. Basically any combination of rods, cords, grips and acrylic panels that create a variety of display options for whatever you want to advertise can constitute an architectural display system. See what we mean? Here are some examples to help clarify: 

rods, cords, etc.

It's easy to use these displays in virtually infinite combinations. This makes them a great tool for businesses because you can decide exactly what will work best for your company. It also makes updating your advertising easy! Because the acrylic panels make rearranging and changing the art simple, you never need to worry about the permanence of your signage. You can also put up pretty much anything you'd like with the display systems: acrylic holders for brochures in a clinic waiting room, glass or acrylic shelving to hold hair products at a salon, directional signage in an office complex, a freestanding banner display with a leaflet holder...the list is endless!  

cable display retail signage resized 600This photo above shows a great example of how to display different materials you carry. See how easy it would be to switch out the samples they have displayed? If they stopped carrying one of the items or got completely new inventory, it would be no biggie to change their display system.

skateboard wall, hanging, architectural display

Totally boss skateboard display, dude! Don't feel limited by the acrylic panels; anything you can fit in the grips can be held up by the rods or cords. Using these skateboards was a creative and unique way to use the cable display system.

 rod display system 3 small resized 600

Using a rod display system like this one shows off the products on sale right in the main window, enticing customers to enter the store.

display wall, recognition wall

This "reputation" wall we created for Choate Construction was a cool way for the company to display awards and recognition they had earned. We designed it with the acrylic panels having fold-over pockets so the employees can easily slide certificates in and out of them. 

cafeteria mural, architectural displayHere is an artistic wall mural we installed in a Williamson County school cafeteria. Not all architectural display systems need to be advertising something—this mural is meant to ispire the kids in the cafeteria to make healthy food choices. Some displays can be used to show art or beautify a space. 

Wayfinding sign, directional sign

It's a good idea to use architectural display systems for directories and directional signage because they are always subject to change. For example, if one company goes out of business or changes locations, you would normally have to get a completely new sign; but with architectural display systems you can simply change the one panel that needs updating. 

With architectural display systems there's no limit to what you can do as long as you can dream it up! They are a clever yet simple way to display whatever you need to display with amazing versatility. 

Have we convinced you of their awesomeness yet? If you have any questions about installing an architectural display system for your business, contact the experts at 12-Point SignWorks.


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