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The ABC Approach to Successful Signage

Posted on November 06, 2013 | Posted by Murray Johns

Developing business signage is something of a balancing act. You need a design that grabs attention and is also in tune with your brand. What's more, your signage needs to actually do the job of bringing in customers! To make sure your signs don't miss any of these vital points, keep the ABC principle in mind.

Attract the Right Attention

Before all else, a sign has to get attention. Eye-catching colors, distinct graphics and easy-to-read lettering are all part of this. Just re-designing your signs to stand out better could bring in business worth far more than the cost of the signs. Beyond that, your signs need to attract your target customers with colors, graphics and typography that appeal specifically to that group.

lobby sign

This lobby sign for the Infinity Resource Group has an eye-catching yellow graphic swirling through the more neutral black and gray acrylic letters. 

Brand Your Business

Clear, consistent branding creates an indelible impression that helps people remember you when it comes time to buy what you offer. People may grab lunch from whichever eatery is closest, but when they need new glasses, roof repair or another infrequent buy, they'll often turn to the first business that comes to mind. Quality business signage ensures it's you they remember first.

orthodontics sign

The square graphics on this sign look a little like the brackets on braces. The sign is also professional but fun looking, suggesting that it is a company that values family business. People are more likely to remember details like these than they would on a plainer sign.

Create Impulse Sales

For frequent buys such as food and cleaning supplies, many people just stop at the first place they notice. If you want your business to be that place, you need highly visible signage. The size and placement of your signs play important roles here. The wording on your signs also needs to give would-be buyers a reason to stop. With carefully designed signage, you'll even pull in people who didn't plan to buy, but decided to when they saw your sign.

pizzeria signThe red accents on this sign make it stand out and catch the attention of people passing by. The text also let's people know that they can get good New York-style pizza there—and who wouldn't want that?!

At 12-Point SignWorks, LLC in Franklin, we can help you develop business signage that gets the right kind of attention and pulls in buyers. Contact us to get started.


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