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How Vinyl Wraps Can Prevent Graffiti in a City

Posted on November 27, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Did you know that vinyl wraps can help prevent graffiti? A group in Bozeman, MT called The Clean Slate Group (CSG) did! They partnered with a local art group call the Gallatin Art Crossing (GAC) to help beautify their downtown area, kind of like the Window Project in Fairbanks, AK. GAC exhibits art in the downtown Bozeman area—usually sculptures—that are then voted on through mailers, at the public library, online, and through ballots. Dubbed "The Downtown A.R.T Project," GAC enlisted artists to create original pieces of art that CSG then wrapped on downtown traffic control boxes using 3M vinyl. The point of the project was to put art on city objects that were commonly disfigured with grafitti and stickers. CSG even used a special laminate on the 3M vinyl they used that is ultra resistant to graffiti and adhesive, so any cleaning up any future vandalism would be simple. 

vinyl wrap, installation art"All This and Dragonflies, Too" by DG House

The theme of the art was the local "Rocky Mountain culture" and only artists living within 50 miles of Bozeman were invited to participate. 

Photos courtesy of gallatinartcrossing.com

We love that people are doing projects like this that help their communities! Been thinking of doing something similar in Middle, TN? Let us know about it; we'd love to help.

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