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Outside of the Box Advertisers Use Large Format Printing

Posted on November 26, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Large format printing means advertising on an extra-large scale. While the results of small format printing such as business cards, brochures and leaflets are counted on a one-by-one basis, printing in large formats targets the mass audience of prospective customers and clients. This format falls generally into widths from 17 inches up to 100 inches. While it has been utilized for such technical purposes as computer-aided design and blueprints, the high-quality resolution and unlimited color capabilities of the stretched size are a natural fit for specialty advertising printing such as banners, signage, murals, window graphics and vehicle wraps.

window graphicSomething as simple as a window graphic can make a big impact on drawing customers to your business.

Almost any business has valuable advertising space going to waste. Here are some examples of how large formats can fill that unused blank void with a company brand or message.

  • Windows: Banners in large format can be created on non-adhesive film that clings to glass and grabs the attention of customers before they even enter the business. Perforated see-through graphics allow outside visibility from indoors while presenting bold, eye-catching designs visible from afar. 

Window vinyl clings"Hey! That woman looks happy with her spacious closet and slingbacks! Maybe I should get a California Closet." = What customers think when they see this perforated window cling for California Closets.

  • Floors: Until the advent of large format printing, the square footage of flooring inside a business was an advertising missed opportunity. This blank canvas can be converted to a graphic ad space conveying brand, messages, helpful directions that clientele and customers can’t miss. Heavy duty vinyl stock stands up to floor traffic and bright colors pop.
Floor Graphic

This floor graphic looks super sleek an modern! The bright blue really pops and draws the eye to the company logo.

  • Fleet wraps: The moveable billboard. Why tie your ad space down to a fixed location? Take advantage of advertising opportunities on the road. A car, van or truck can reach thousands a day with a colorful, creative graphic that adheres to the vehicle without affecting the finish beneath.  
fleet vehicles

Fleet wraps are an excellent and cost-effective way to draw attention wherever your employees are driving anyway. Graphics like this are sure to leave a memorable impression on anyone your vehicle passes.

For more information regarding large format printing in the Franklin area, contact us at 12-Point SignWorks, LLC.


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