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5 Reasons Car Wraps Make Sense for Business Advertising

Posted on November 21, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Car wraps are movable billboards that take your message, company brand and logo on the road. A single “wrapped” vehicle generates up to 70,000 impressions on fellow drivers in a day of average driving. Almost any graphic design can be incorporated into a vehicle wrap—your imagination and creativity are the only limits. Vehicle wraps are printed by high-resolution wide format printers on vinyl material with weatherproof ink that doesn’t fade with exposure to UV rays. The material is then laminated for even greater protection from nicks and dings and applied to the vehicle surface.

 Here are five reasons to make car wraps your next good advertising and marketing decision.

Local exposure:

Because your vehicle travels the roads in proximity to your business, your moving message is continually exposed to drivers in that same area. This geographically targets your marketing to those in the same vicinity who are most likely to be potential customers or clients

Catering van wrap

This catering van is for two restaurants: one in Franklin, TN and one in Nashville, TN. As the catering van drives between the two areas, people in both Nashville and Franklin will see it and learn about both restaurants.

Subliminal power:
Eye-grabbing graphics, logos and a creative message create a sustained, subconscious impression on those who view them. 

Robertson Family Water fleet wrap

What do you think of when you look at this fleet van? Does it make you thirsty? Does it make you want a vacation? In any case, the memorable design will subliminally make viewers think of water in some way and remember the company.

Service life:
A properly maintained car wrap printed on vinyl stock will endure for at least several years after installation. If changes are necessary, the wrap can be removed without damaging the car’s original finish (in fact, car wraps protect the original finish.)

fleet vehicle wrap

This car has only been partially wrapped but the paint won't be damaged where the graphics were placed at all! If anything, they'll protect the surface of the car.

Cost effective:
Compared to a stationary sign or billboard, the number of impressions created by a colorful vehicle wrap versus the dollar investment is very favorable to your advertising budget.
marketing stats
Customizable and adaptable:
A car wrap can conform to virtually any vehicle surface and shape. A creative designer will even incorporate the curves and lines of your vehicle into the wrap’s design. 

fleet vehicle wrap

It's no problem to wrap around odd shapes like door handles or antennae.

For more information regarding car wraps in the Franklin area, contact us at 12-Point SignWorks, LLC.


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