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Matte Car Wraps Offer a Unique Custom Vehicle Option

Posted on November 20, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

A matte car wrap gives you the option of changing your vehicle’s entire appearance. If the OEM paint on your car doesn't convey the visual impression you want to project in the here and now, a full-body color change to a matte appearance can update it to fit your preference. A matte car wrap provides a bumper-to-bumper appearance makeover in available colors that span the entire spectrum of hues.

zebra graphics suvMatte vehicle graphics are another fun way to "wrap" your car without changing the color of the whole vehicle.

A new paint job is a permanent measure that carries a number of drawbacks. On higher-end vehicles, any aftermarket paint substantially reduces market value of the car or truck. A matte car wrap allows you to personalize the look of the vehicle while it’s in your possession, then cleanly remove the wrap for resale, reverting the car to its OEM paint. What’s more, while the wrap is installed, it’s protecting the factory finish from dings, scratches and UV exposure. When it’s removed, you have a pristine showroom paint job underneath. 

matte white with gloss black roofThis matte white wrap we did is offset by a glossy black roof.

You’ve probably noticed the proliferation of bright, bold advertising on business vehicles and even entire commercial fleets. These mobile color schemes and graphics have swept the advertising world as a very cost-effective alternative for boosting a brand and increasing exposure to an audience of potential clients and customers. The subsequent research and development into new wrap materials and inks has perfected durability, color longevity, clean removal and also established proven, standardized installation techniques, even on vehicles with very complex lines. 

matte black Bentley

Although you can get a matte wrap in virtually any color you'd like, matte black seems to be by far the most popular choice right now—particularly for luxury cars like this Bentley.

Now, the technology and expertise accrued in the vehicle advertising wrap industry has been turned to customizing your vehicle to your individual taste. A matte car wrap updates the look of your car today without permanently altering its appearance or value tomorrow. 

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