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Why Use Microvented Wallcoverings?

Posted on November 19, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Wallcoverings add color and distinction to a room and promote your company brand with eye-catching icons and other artistic elements. Sometimes, however, depending on environmental conditions, covering a wall with conventional graphic material can also mean promoting the growth of mold, mildew and other bacteria. Behind the wallcovering, indoor humidity may combine with diminished air circulation and a dark environment to form a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. While with most wall coverings this is not an issue, in places that have high humidity like restaurant kitchens and outdoor structures in humid climates, this can become a problem.

microvented wall mural

Microvented wall murals can be used to improve ambiance like the ones in this restaurant.

New technology utilized in the creation of wallcoverings eliminates that concern. Now you can add eye-catching color and design to existing walls with coverings that offer easy cleaning and maintenance without jeopardizing indoor air quality. A micro-vented wallcovering is created to your design on high-resolution printers. After printing on sturdy vinyl stock, the covering is sealed with a clear protective coating that resists UV fading and facilitates routine cleaning by simply wiping down the surface. The final step involves a micro-venting process that utilizes a hot needle to make tiny punctures in the covering. Approximately 25,000 vent punctures are produced per square foot. Invisible to the naked eye, these minute ventilation points do not compromise the aesthetic qualities of the covering or detract from your design appeal.

microvented wall mural

The tiny microvents on this wall mural are invisible to the naked eye and don't detract from the design at all.

Micro-venting benefits include continuous air circulation to deprive mold and other bacterial growth. Professionally produced and installed, a micro-vented wallcovering can provide all the visual effect of custom design and color schemes, plus the durability and easy maintenance of commercial-grade materials, without sacrificing your healthy indoor environment.

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