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Change the Color of Your Car Without Using A Lick of Paint

Posted on November 14, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Once, adding your own unique visual statement to a vehicle meant new paint. Color change car wraps have changed all that. A custom paint job is a permanent alteration to your showroom finish and a commitment to a personal color scheme that others—like potential buyers when you want sell the car—may not share your enthusiasm for. Doing it right, furthermore, requires substantial expense because a cut-rate paint job screams “cover-up” for accident damage or neglect.

Tiffany Blue Color Change WrapTiffany Blue BMW? Yes please! It looks great and if you get tired of the color it's simple to remove or change.

Color change car wraps entered the consumer market fresh from industry-changing success in advertising vehicle wraps. Research and development has perfected durable materials and bright, non-fading inks. Professional installers have fine-tuned the art and technique of wrapping a car with solid colors indistinguishable from a high-end, custom paint job. The vehicle owner looking for a paint scheme a bit more creative than the options on the manufacturer’s OEM color chart can choose a color change body wrap in a solid color of their own unique preference. Applied with specialized tools and skills, a solid color body wrap can completely transform the appearance of any vehicle either for the life of the car—or until its owner decides it’s time for a change.  

military green car wrap

This SUV was wrapped in matte military green by our trained wrap professionals using high-quality 3M vinyl.

Not surprisingly, color change car wraps penetrated the market from the top down. Owners of elite vehicles like Lamborghinis and Ferraris frequently wish to make a unique style statement. However, many vehicles in the sticker price stratosphere are commonly leased and can’t be permanently altered. Installing a color change wrap permits total freedom of automotive expression without any destructive modifications. In fact, a quality wrap actually protects the original finish from dents, dings and the fading effects of exposure to UV light.

matte black car wrap

Matte black wraps, like the one we did for this Subaru, are a really popular option right now. 


For more information about color change car wraps in the Middle, TN and the greater Nashville area, contact us at 12-Point SignWorks, LLC.


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