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Your Options for Outdoor Business Signs Run the Gamut

Posted on November 13, 2013 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Outdoor business signs represent the front line of marketing and branding for your business. Nothing establishes your company visually and creates a lasting impression like your company logo and message displayed outside, 24/7. Signage itself makes a statement: The materials, design and installation all subtly speak volumes about your company and your values, as well as creating brand recognition and making your business an established part of the community.   
Signs custom-made to your design and strategically located will stand out from conventional wall-mounted signs. Signs can be hung from brackets attached to walls or from posts set completely apart from the building. The bracket itself is a design complement: A well-crafted wrought iron construction evokes an era of craftsmanship and traditional values. Or, you can update the impression by choosing higher-tech materials like aluminum or clear or colored acrylics.

Hanging signThe simple post and wooden sign suggest that this is a more boutique business, while at the same time hinting that customers will experience quality, high-end services.

Here’s how outdoor business signs improve customer appeal of your company and enhance the commercial environment around your business.

  • Instant brand recall. Logos in printed material or websites are smaller-than-life and don’t register on the customer awareness scale like a full-size outdoor sign. The day-and-night exposure that an outdoor sign generates also makes your logo more likely to be recognized in other media.
outdoor wooden business sign

The painted, laser cut "B" on this sign and the contrast of gold metal on brown wood is visually interesting and will help passersby remember BriBiz and recognize it when the logos and colors are used in their other advertising.

  • Improved value impression. Outdoor business signs effectively communicate that vital first impression about your company values and mission. You’ll only get one chance to influence the customer’s lasting perception, so give this important element the priority it deserves. 
Outdoor business sign for Ascend

The color choices, quality materials, and clean, modern design all suggest that this is a professional, well-established, and high-quality business.

  • Building connections. Customers like consistency and favor established businesses. The continuity of an outdoor business sign displaying a familiar logo is a powerful draw. Printed material, virtual imagery and advertising are fleeting compared to a sign’s lasting physical presence.

Outdoor bank sign

The pineapple logo on the high outdoor sign for Franklin Synergy Bank is repeated on their other sinage like the awning above the ATM and their indoor signage, as well as at the bank's other locations. This helps customers immediately recognize what they are looking for.

For more information regarding the advantages of outdoor business signs in the Franklin area, contact us at 12-Point SignWorks, LLC

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