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How to Use the Right Banner Signs For Your Location

Posted on November 12, 2013 | Posted by Murray Johns

The versatility of banner signs is an important advantage to a business advertising strategy. Banners can be printed with virtually any design, logo or message of your choice, and implementation is limited only by your creative imagination. Best of all, installation is generally a fast and low-impact process. By asking a few pertinent questions, you can fine-tune the materials and construction of banner signs to your unique application and location. 

Highly Exposed Banners

Are you planning an outdoor installation exposed to the sun or an installation indoors under bright lights? Glare from glossy sign material can obscure your message! For direct sunlight or a display in a well-lit storefront, consider matte banner material to reduce glare and enhance visibility. In addition, outdoor banners should either be ordered with wind slits or be made of heavy mesh to relieve damaging wind stress. You may want to consider a dye-sublimation process as well, like we did for the Chukker's For Charity banners. Dye-sublimation is a process that so ingrains the dye into the fabric that you can easily store, wash, and expose your banners to the elements without any fading or damage.

Outdoor banners for Permobil

These outdoor walkway banners were placed right by a dock, so they had to be resistant to moisture and wind. They are made out of heavy mesh and have enough small openings to resist wind. 

Mounting Banners Indoors

Are you wondering about where to hang your banners indoors? The interiors of most commercial buildings offer many pre-existing mounting and suspension opportunities. These can often be used first without the need to bring in special hardware. Structural poles and posts provide convenient banner attachment points, as do ceiling hardware and beams. Even tall fixtures such as shelving modules can serve as banner supports.  

pop up wall mural bannerIf you can't place things directly on the building, pop up, freestanding banners are a great and easy way to display banners indoors.

Portable Outdoor Banners

Do you need a portable banner with fast outdoor set-up? Check out flag banners! These colorful outside signs can be printed on both sides and come in both teardrop and bow shapes. Flown from a single pole, the signs are simply driven into soft ground like a stake for fast installation and removal at temporary or short-term events.

feather banner, portable banner for Chukkers for Charity

Here are some flag, or "feather," banners we designed for Nissan to use at a charitable event. Since they would only be used for the event, having portable and easy to install banners was a good choice.


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