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Dry Erase and Chalk Boards for Your Business Signs

Posted on January 01, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Lately over here at 12-Point Signworks, we've had a handful of people tell us, "Oh, I didn't realize you did that too!" They may have been clients of ours for one type of signage, but they went elsewhere for another kind because they didn't know it was a service we provided! This is no bueno. So, to remedy this situation, this month the blog is going to highlight some of the lesser known types of signage we provide.

We're going to be a little like Chekov from Star Trek. If anyone asks us about doing a signage project, our response should be "I can do zat!"

To start us off with things you didn't know we could do: let's talk dry erase boards and chalkboards!

We can do all kinds of crazy stuff with vinyl, and the great thing about it is that it can all be custom. Want a mural of dogs playing poker in your house? We can do zat. How about a giant sticker shaped like your dog? Sure. A wrap design of bones and tennis balls for your dog's cone collar? Absolutely—although we don't see why anyone would want to do that . . . maybe for Halloween? Another one of the awesome things we can do with vinyl is make custom chalk and dry erase boards. These are great to have anywhere, anytime! They're good for:

  • classrooms
  • playrooms
  • restaurants
  • conference rooms
  • kitchens
  • outdoor A-frame signs
  • indoor A-frame signs
  • anywhere else you can think of

We have a particular dry erase vinyl that is adhesive so it goes on like a sticker and can apply to virtually any backing material. Usually, we'll put it on corrugated plastic or styrene because those are the most cost effective options for making a portable sign, but it can be applied directly to a wall or any other usual substrate. We can also make a dry erase laminate overlay for any printed vinyl. This means you can have any image or color you want instead of a plain white dry erase board. We even have one in our office!

Office whiteboard at 12-Point SignWorks

Our lovely laminate white board. We use it mostly for doodling, but it's nice to have! By using laminates we were able to put a faded graphic of our logo and company name right on the board.

Getting dry erase vinyl or laminates are usually better options than dry erase paint because vinyl and laminates won't emit odors. Vinyls are also easier to remove, replace, and update than painted on dry erase boards. Dry erase vinyl can take any kind of dry erase marker and is generally thinner than other dry erase materials. The same rules apply to chalkboard vinyl. 

example of chalkboard walls for business via 12-Point SignWorksThis is definitely computer generated, but we could actually make this with chalkboard vinyl!

It's been a trend lately to turn everything into a chalkboard. Columns in your office, entire walls, menus for big events like weddings, etc. This, of course, has led to lots of DIY minded people turning to chalkboard spray paints and other paints. (Seriously, if Pinterest is accurate at all then bazillions of you have tried putting chalkboards on things yourselves.) These are okay, but they can be difficult to use. You need to prime the surface, sand it smooth, and often do multiple layers. It's common for people using these paints to end up with a surface that holds the chalk too well and won't allow any erasing. This is where vinyl comes in. It's essentially just peel and stick! No messy paints that don't adhere to surfaces needed. 

02E27027 resized 600

A-frame signs can usually hold removable panels that can slide in and out. This allows you to switch between chalk or dry erase boards and any other boards of the correct size and shape. 

Dry erase and chalkboards are a good option for signage that gets updated regularly, like seasonal menus in a restaurant. Our friends at the Franklin Theatre, for instance, have an a-frame chalkboard that they place outside of the box office that lists upcoming concerts and events. We didn't make that sign for them, but we could have. :) 

What kind of dry erase or chalkboard design could you use in your home or office? Click the button below to request more information and receive a custom quote!


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