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Banner signs, posters, and large format printing...oh my!

Posted on January 08, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Did you know that we do banners? Because we do! If you follow our blog, you probably read earlier that this month we are focusing on services and products we do that people—for one reason or another—don't seem to know that we do. Clients who come to us for business signs or vehicle wraps often don't know that we make banners too! We make banners, posters, and basically any kind of large-format printing. Large format printing is just exactly what it sounds like: printing things on really big pieces of material! 

Types of Banners

There are myriad banners you can choose for your event, and the best option is simply the option that will fill the need you have for a particular event.

  • Retractable banners: These are great for trade shows or any event where you need your banner to be portable and easy to assemble. You can easily scroll the banner up by gently pulling on the bottom—like you do with blinds and window shades. I recently went to a concert where the artist had a retractable banner with the picture from his latest album on it by the table where he sold his merchandise. He was able to quickly dissassemble the banner at the end of the night and fit it inside a duffle bag. Pretty good idea, huh?
Retractable banners by 12-Point SignWorks
These are our personal banners in the front of the shop. Letting y'all know what we can do!
  • Pole banners: These are good for cities, theme parks, or any outdoor area that has a lot of light poles or other tall structures to hang the banners on. You can also hang them off of store fronts to advertise your business. Many cities will use these to advertise big events that are coming up like festivals. Our hometown of Franklin, TN has pole banners that have nice graphics indicating the season, town history, or upcoming events. 
Flag Banners in downtown FranklinWe just have to brag a little bit, we think Franklin is the cutest.
  • Flying, or, Feather banners: These are thin, elegant, but hearty banners. These banners are made for outdoor events. Some have a spike that inserts into the ground while others will have a cross or weighted base to hold them firmly in place. The shape of feather banners helps them resist falling over or getting damaged by wind and rain. 
Feather banners for Nissan by 12-Point SignWorksWe made these feather banners for Nissan when they sponsored a charity polo event. They're highly visible but don't take up a lot of space.
  • Pop-Up Banners: These are best used for trade shows, lobbies, or other large areas where you can display your advertisement. These can take up a lot of space but they can make a huge impact on your potential customers! They're kind of like having a portable billboard that you can design and way you want. 
Pop up banner for Nissan by 12-Point SignWorks
freestanding pop up banner for Nissan. Very simple but also very durable.
Pop up banner for MapleTronics by 12-Point SignWorks
We made this pop up banner for MapleTronics to use at trade shows. It's really important to have professional displays at trade shows where you'll literally be in a room full of people judging and competing with your products or services.
  • Tension Fabric Banners: Tension fabric banners are similar to retractable banners except they don't scroll up when you tug them! There are usually grommets or tabs on the corner of the banner that are either connected to a banner stand or hung with extra strong string.
Mesh tension fabric banner by 12-Point SignWorks
This mesh banner is much bigger than it appears in this picture! It's 11 feet tall, if you can believe it.
Banner via www.12pointsignworks.comThis banner uses  lot of color and high resolution photos to draw attention to the produce the catering company is using.
  • Everything else: If it's a made out of a flexible material and can be either hung or placed upright, then it's a banner! Let us try and make it for you :)
Walkway banners for Permobile by 12-Point SignWorksThese walkway banners for Permobil's anniversary party on the General Jackson riverboat worked well because they showed off Permobil's fun advertising while blocking wind and moisture from disturbing people walking through the area. 
Large concert banners designed by Birdsong Creative, printed and installed by 12-Point SignWorksGo big or go home, that's what we always say :)

Why you should use banners

Bottom line? Banners are awesome and you should be using them more often! Banners are great for any event your company is hosting. Office parties, galas, trade shows, grand openings, and fundraisers are just a few examples of occasions to use banners. Having a huge sale? Put a banner outside your storefront to let customers know! Banners are extremely versatile, portable, easy to install, and are usually the best bargain when it comes to signage.  

grand opening hanging banner by 12-Point SignWorks

What better way to let potential customers when you're opening?

Let us know if you are looking for banners! Or, if you are interested in learning more talking about which types of banners would work best for your event, give us a call or click the button below. 


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