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Lighted Signs for Business: how visible are your signs?

Posted on January 10, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

When considering getting lighted electrical signs for a business, it's important to think about all the steps you should take before installation to help make it as visible as possible. There are a lot of things to think about! These types of signs are an investment so it's imperative to think through all of the requirements for making your sign perfect for you.

Where should I place my lighted electronic sign?

The answer to the question of how visible you can make your lighted sign lies in the same answer for virtually any real estate question: location, location, location. Ask yourself these questions before deciding how and where to place your sign:

  • How far away is my building from the road?

The farther away you are from the road, the harder it will be to see your sign. Combat this by using large, thick fonts. Larger letters are, of course, more visible than smaller letters, and having a thicker, sans serif font helps people read things quickly from a distance. Have you ever tried to read a sign with a thin, highly decorative, script font as you're driving by? It's nearly impossible! Also, choose colors that will stand out. White, bright red, or any other bright, attention-grabbing color that will stand out in the dark are good options. 

Example of well-done lighted electrical signsThis lighted electric business sign is great because it's very visible during the day and at night. 

  • What part of my building is most visible from the road or walkway?

This! This is the best place to put your sign! A sign is no good if you can't see it. Our building neighbors at Fresenius Medical Care do a great job of placing their signs. They have highly visible lighted signs in the front of their business facing the parking lot, AND they have a lighted sign on the back of the building that faces a busy freeway. Great thinking! Also, we know not all storefronts face a road. Maybe you're a shop inside of a mall or a business inside of a business park. In that case, make your sign as visible as possible to people walking by or getting off the nearest elevator. Catching the eye of potential customers is always the first step to making a sale. 

Lighted monument sign for Seven Springs Ortho. by 12-Point SignWorksThis lighted pylon sign is very visible from the road because it's elevated above the surrounding objects and placed in a way that cars coming from either direction can read the sign.

  • Can I avoid placing my outdoor sign due East or due West?

If you can help it, avoid putting your outdoor signs due East or West. The glare from the rising and setting sun can obscure your sign from potential viewers and make it impossible to read. That's just as bad as having unlighted signs that no one can see once the sun goes down. (And since it's winter the sun is going down pretty early for the next couple of months.)

Cabin lighted sign for US Pest by 12-Point SignWorks

This electric light cabinet sign for U.S. Pest faces a major road and is pointed out of the way of the sun or other obstructions to anyone seeing it.

  • Are my signs well maintained?

It's extremely important to clean and maintain lighted electric signs to insure their visibility. Signs with burned out letters, missing panels, or any other form of disrepair can damage the image of your business. Signs of disrepair not only make your name and logo less visible, but they can turn customers away. Many people judge books by their covers, and if the outside of your storefront isn't well maintained and visually appealing, potential customers may assume that you don't have good business practices. Not to mention, it's possible to be unintentionally humorous or offensive if only particular channel letters are burned out. 

Would you like to go get some lies and fish?
Look, honey! Finally, a store where you can find lies.

Yikes. This is why sign maintenance is important.Yikes. The "lies & fish" sign might just make people laugh but this one could actually offend the friends and family of the deceased!
How does your current signage stack up? If you have any more questions on the best practices for lighted signs for businesses, give us a call! Or, click the button below to contact us and receive a free quote on your signage project.
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