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That's a wrap?! Atypical vinyl wraps for your business

Posted on January 15, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Today in another exciting installment of, Things You Didn't Know 12-Point SignWorks Can Do, we're going to talk about: wraps other than traditional fleet and vehicle wraps! Yay!

You can wrap a long list of items and surfaces. I'm not even going to try and list them all because I'd be sure to forget something. (Also, it would probably start to sound kind of Seuss-ical: "We can wrap a giant tree! We can also wrap a cup for tea!"...You get the idea.) We will, however, list some of our more typical atypical wraps so you can get a better idea of what you can do with vinyl.

Vinyl wrapped bathtubs made by award winning Belgian designers
For instance, we could talk about how we could wrap bathtubs like these ones that were made by Belgian designers, Printed Walls & In-Zicht, for a design contest. We've never done bathtubs, but what the hey! We'd be willing to try it!

Creative Advertising Space

Now, this is still pretty broad, but think about the ads you've seen placed on the sides of things in malls, parking lots, parks, and nearly everywhere else you go. You can put an ad or logo on pretty much anything! You don't have to be limited to bus stop benches or restaurant table tops (although we could certainly do those too!). Some of the ones we've done are on the sides of photo booths, on solar trash compactors in downtown Franklin, TN, and we're currently putting graphics on ATMs for a bank that will go inside of a shopping Center. There's even another wrap company we know of in the midwest that regularly wraps advertisements on ice coolers outside of gas stations! Your potential advertising space is limited only by your imagination.  

wrapped solar trash compactors in downtown Franklin, 12-Point SignWorks

The graphics on these trash compactors were designed by Birdsong Creative and printed and installed by us.

ATMs and Vanderbilt golf cart pre-wrap, 12-Point SignWorksHere's a sneak peek of the ATMs before we wrap them in our garage. Also, a Vanderbilt golf cart waiting to be wrapped too!

Instrument Wraps

If you didn't know that we frequently wrap instruments in vinyl, then you probably don't read our blog or follow us on social media because we talk about it all the time. :) (you can fix that by clicking the Facebook, Twitter, etc. icons on the upper left side of the page!). Being so close to Nashville has its perks, and we've gotten to wrap things for several popular musicians. So far the majority of the wraps have been for pianos, but we just wrapped a piano and bass for Kelly Clarkson's televised Christmas special. The piano wrap we did that probably had the biggest audience was the one Alicia Keys used for the 2013 Super Bowl

Silver Piano Wrap for Alicia Keys by 12-Point SignWorks. Getty Images Photo creditWork it, girl! It looks white in this picture, but it's actually a shimmery silver piano.

Steampunk piano for touring musician by 12-Point SignWorksLike we do with most of our piano wraps, we worked with Seale Keyworks to create this steampunk piano. Seale provided the piano, lights, and the hardware, and we designed and provided the wrap and spinning gear within the piano. 

Window Graphics

The cool thing about perforated vinyl ("perf"), is that it allows you to have one-way window graphics. These are great for cars or storefronts because it allows people inside the vehicle or store to see out, while people looking from the outside will only see a seamless graphic or image. It also acts as a slight sun-shade so it will prevent glare and fading from direct sunlight.

Perforated window graphics for California Closets by 12-Point SignWorks

These window graphics for California Closets are great because they use the space they already have to advertise how spacious and organized their closets are. 

Not all window graphics have to be perforated, though. Sometimes, you might want the images to be more visible on the inside of the glass! For example, take a look at these window graphics we put up in the Nashville (BNA) Airport for the holiday season. They were designed by Associated Graphics Inc., a graphics company based out of Ohio, and installed by us. As you can see, the non-perforated vinyl makes the graphics a little more opaque and crisp. 

Window graphics designed by AGI and installed by 12-Point SignWorks

Merry Christmas to all, and...

What else can you think of that could use a vinyl wrap? You could seriously wrap almost anything. From prosthetics to high heeled shoes, golf carts to wall murals, the sky's the limit for vinyl wrap projects. Click the button below to contact us today and get a free quote on a wrap project for your home or business!

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