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Here Come the Signs! Car, floor, and wall graphics for your wedding

Posted on January 17, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Due to my shameful addiction to trashy reality television about weddings and a day at home resting up from a cold, I recently binge watched episodes of David Tutera's My Fair Wedding: Unveiled. Yes, it was a very sad waste of my day. But, through the fog of my sickly patheticness, one thing I kept thinking was, "Huh, 12-Point SignWorks could do a lot of this decorating stuff too. And we'd make it look amazing!" I mean, of course, the first group to contact when you get engaged (after friends and family) is your local sign company, right? Well if not we should be! We can take care of huge parts of the decor for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Backdrops/Custom Murals

Many couples like to take engagement and wedding photos with a background that represents the relationship or style of the bride and the groom. The nice thing about backdrops and wall murals is that you can get whatever image, color, texture, and style you want for your wedding decor in an easily carried and assembled package. Using our large-format printer, we can turn literally any design, graphic, or image you'd like into a beautiful mural for your big day. 

Chalkboard wedding backdropThis chalkboard backdrop would be simple for us to make using chalkboard vinyl! Image via Style Me Pretty.

Just Married lettering and striped floor. Image via 100 layer cake

These super fun graphic letters and striped dance floor were made for a South African wedding, dreamed up by the bride and groom who are both professional designers. Image via 100 Layer Cake.

Of course, it's very important to get permission from the venue you're using before you go sticking vinyl graphics and murals on the walls of your reception space. Although the vinyl should be easy to remove (the shorter the amount of time vinyl is stuck to a surface, the easier it is to remove), venue owners might worry about damage to the wall. This really shouldn't be an issue, however because we can easily produce specialized vinyl graphics that aren't aggressive and can be reused and moved many times without damaging the surface they are applied to. Still, if you can't get permission to stick your graphics or mural to the wall for some reason, you can always get the same image in the form of a hanging banner, or you can stick the graphics on a large substrate like foamboard in place of sticking them directly to the wall.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs—signs that point to different areas like "reception," "restroom," and "ceremony"—are another very popular trend at weddings. Many people take the DIY route, but we think, why DIY? Isn't your wedding day already busy and hectic enough?! Let professional signmakers do the work for you so you don't have to sweat the small stuff :) I promise you that we'll make them just as cute and you won't have to deal with paint, stencils, markers, primer, sandpaper, or anything else you're able to buy at Home Depot. 

Wooden wayfinding signs for a wedding

These signs were hand made by a woman whose groom-to-be said the bathroom pictograms looked like the Flying Nun and James Bond. I think they look pretty cute! Still, it would have been much easier to let a professional sign company make them for her. Image via Weddingbee.

Cute wayfinding sign for a weddingVery cute idea for an outdoor wedding! Allow signs to show off your personal style and taste for your reception and ceremony. Image found using Pinterest search.

Floor Decals

Floor decals are some of my personal favorites. They're just so fun! Floor graphics are a great way to add a personal touch to a dance floor or to the area where the ceremony is being held. Many couples choose to use their monogram or pictures they feel fit the theme of their wedding. (And if you've ever watched anything resembling a wedding reality show on TLC, then you know that theme weddings are a real thing, y'all.) 

Wedding floor graphics via "Nicole&squot;s Guide to Style"

It's hard to tell in this particular picture, but the calligraphic lettering on the dance floor is actually made out of shiny metallic gold vinyl. It's quite a striking effect! Image via Nicole's Guide to Style

Vinyl floor graphics for mermaid, 1940s themed wedding by David TuteraAn example from one of the wedding reality TV shows! This couple wanted a 1940s and mermaid themed wedding so they got their names and retro-looking mermaids as dance floor decals. Whatever floats your boat, I say! Image via www.budgetfairytale.com

Getaway Car Decals

Other than the ceremony itself, what is more memorable than the car the newlyweds hop into en route to their honeymoon? Sure, you could tie a bunch of old cans to the bumper and scribble "Just Married" on the window in puff paint, but with vinyl decals or car magnets you can temporarily put whatever cool design you want on the getaway car! 

Removable decals for wedding getaway car

This font in colors inverted from the color of the car makes for a very classy looking "Just Married" sign. Image found using Pinterest search.

So, what do you think? Would you use any of these for your wedding? What's your favorite style for big shindigs like this? Click the button below to contact us and get a free quote on your signage project!


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