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12-Point SignWorks lists 8 Helpful Apps for SMBs

Posted on January 29, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

We know that most of our customers are owners of small to medium businesses, so we thought that today we'd curate a list of apps that are super helpful for SMBs. Because we know there's more to marketing and running a small business than just business signage!

1. Asana: This app (partially created by one of the co-founders of Facebook) lets you organize all of your personal and professional tasks in one easy place. Instead of sending multiple threads of emails about various projects, create a task on Asana, assign a leader, set a deadline, organize your files, and mark milestones and growth.

Apps for SMBs: Asana. 12-Point SignWorks

2. InDinero: Take care of all of your "back office" needs and organization with InDinero. This app allows you to organize your accounting, payroll, taxes, and employee benefits expenditures and tasks. It combines all of your credits cards and checking accounts as well, and will track and categorize (utilities, supplies, insurance, etc.) all of your expenses as you are making them. Pretty neat and efficient! It also alerts you to any suspicious spending activity on your card including purchases that seem out of place, preventing identity theft. The crazy thing is that this app was invented by two college students! 

Apps for SMBs: InDinero. 12-Point SignWorks

3. Square: Square is great for small businesses and even greater for artists and craftspeople. Have you ever gone to buy a t-shirt at a concert, a poster at an art festival, or vegetables at a farmers market only to go away empty handed because the sellers only accepted cash? With Square, vendors have no excuse to lose these potential clients because they make reading credit and debit cards so easy! Sign up for Square and they will send you a free card reader that can plug into your smartphone or tablet. Fill out and price your inventory, and then it's as easy as press, swipe, and sign! The touch screen lets customers sign with their fingers or add a custom tip if they would like, and tablets can even be connected to an in-store cash register. The only caveat: Square will take 2.75% from every purchase made using its reader.

Apps for SMBs: Square. 12-Point SignWorks

4. Tripit: This free app is great for the business owner who travels a lot. Tripit allows you to organize all of your travel plans in one place: flights, hotels, rental car, and all. It works on any device and syncs with your calendar. You can use Tripit to look at weather updates, directions, and maps too so you can stay up to date with any travel delays or detours that might arise.

Apps for SMBs: Tripit. 12-Point SignWorks

5. Expensify: Much like InDinero, this app imports and manages all of your personal and corporate credit cards, tracks expenses, and autocategorizes purchases. It recognizes over 160 different currencies and allows its users to scan and upload receipts. You can also create custom invoices using Expensify and send them directly to customers.

Apps for SMBs: Expensify. 12-Point SignWorks

6. Bump: Bump is one of those apps that feels so high-tech it almost seems magical or like something that would be in a sci-fi movie. Basically it allows two smartphones (of any carrier—so an iPhone could bump and Android phone) to give each other information by bumping together. Many businesspeople are using this app as a virtual business card. It works because the app causes the information you want to share to go into the cloud when the sensors on your phone literally "feel" the bump. It then matches the bump on your phone with the phone that felt the same bump. I don't understand it, it seems like some crazy hoodoo to me. But, hey! It's free, it works, and it's secure!

Apps for SMBs: Bump. 12-Point SignWorks

7. Evernote: This increasingly popular app works as a sort of corkboard to organize all of your ideas, both for work and for your personal use. It syncs your computer and other devices, saves your favorite web pages, allows you to snap photos and record audio, take notes, and organize travel documents. Basically it helps make your life a little less crazy by putting all of the things you have going on in one place and allowing you to take notes wherever you are so you never forget your brilliant ideas.

Apps for SMBs: Evernote. 12-Point SignWorks

8. Google Drive: 5GB of free storage is nothing to sneeze at, and that's what you get when you download Google Drive. This platform allows your team to simultaneously work on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Basically it's like having Office suite on your phone that automatically saves work into a cloud storage. You can also transport documents with no issues among PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Apps for SMBs: Google Drive. 12-Point SignWorks

We hope this list is helpful for you! What are some other apps you find useful for work? Leave a comment below or contact us if you have any questions regarding your business marketing and signage!


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