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How Much Does an Office Sign Cost?

Posted on April 25, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

You have tons of options for your interior office signs, and the possibilities are virtually endless if you choose to use a full-service sign company for custom signage. It's safe to say however that your custom signage will start, at the very least, around $350 and, on average, around $1,000. A good way to guesstimate your cost? Look at the materials and the complexity you want for your sign!

Here's a list of sign materials ranging from least expensive to most expensive. 

Vinyl Graphics

These are the least expensive materials for office signs. It also takes minimal labor to cut, prepare, and install vinyl graphics. Although we occasionally hand-cut graphics, we usually cut out graphics using a technique called die-cutting, where the vinyl is fed through a plotting machine which precisely cuts out the design you would like. We then "weed" off the extra vinyl material leaving you with an easy-to-install template. If you'd like to use more vinyl material for large elements like wall murals or large decals, the price will be significantly higher because more material will be used and more installation labor will be required.

Flat ACP and PVC Signs

The next least expensive option, these signs are made out of thin plastic (PVC) or aluminum (ACP) sheets that are then covered in vinyl elements to add a logo, name, or other graphic elements. These are a good option for people looking for more functionality than creativity in their signage. For instance, if you know that you are going to be in a work space for only a short amount of time then these are a great option because they do the job of identifying your business without costing as much as sturdier materials. The downside to these types of signs is that because they are flat and thin, they are more prone to needing repair or to be replaced. If you are going to be in a space for more than a year, it may be a better idea to invest in sturdier signage.

How much does an office signs cost?This sign for Kate's Kitchen is made out of an ACP panel that we covered in vinyl lettering.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is around the middle of our price chart. It's a great material because it's so versatile, low-maintenance, and durable. It can also appear to look like more expensive materials like glass and metal. Using clear acrylic as a backer for vinyl lettering is a cheaper (and less fragile!) option than using a glass pane. It's also cheaper to cut and shape acrylic than it is to cut and shape wood, metal, or glass so you can generally get more bang for your buck for the same look. Many of our customers like to get cut acrylic letters and graphics placed on ACP backers because it has a nice 3-D look to it, while paying less than they would for heavier metal signs. 

How Much Does an Office Sign Cost?

This is frosted clear acrylic that has had brushed metal acrylic letters placed over it for Milnor Orthodontics. Although it looks as sleek and professional as if it were made out of glass and metal, it's much lighter and cheaper.

Wood Signs

Wood signs are classic and timeless, but they are more expensive than signs fabricated from man-made materials. The main elements that makes them more expensive are that they usually take a lot more skill, labor, and tools to manipulate than other materials. The time and materials it takes to sandblast shapes and letters out of wood are more expensive than doing the same in plastics. Wood also often needs to be painted, primed, and refinished which is an added expense. For the look of wood for less cost, there are urethane sign foams that can be manipulated to look like wood with much less upkeep and cost. Wood signs do last for a very long time, however, so they can be a great investment. They are also a great way for a company to support their brand identity. A rustic B&B, a historic landmark, an outdoor sporting goods store, and other companies that bank on people interested in history, charm, or outdoorsmanship would probably benefit greatly from purchasing a wood sign over a plastic one. 

How much does an office sign cost?

This wood post and panel sign for Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN is a great option for one of the most notable landmarks of the Civil War in Tennessee.

Glass Signs

Glass signs are a really popular option for signs because they look classy and modern. You will end up paying more for them because the material is more expensive for your installer to purchase and manipulate. It's also much more fragile (duh!) than any of your other options for sign materials. We usually suggest that people who would like a glass sign do a little research on clear acrylic first to see if they would consider it as a substitute because it will be easier on their budget.

Metal Signs

Metal signs are going to be your most expensive materials for signs because they are heavy and take special tools like waterjets to etch and route letters and shapes into them. As a general rule of thumb, metals are going to range from least expensive to most expensive in this order: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, and then bronze. If you are investing in a sign or plaque that you would like to last for a long time, metal can be the way to go. We most commonly make metal signs for universities, government buildings, law firms, and other official entities. 


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