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6 Ways Digital Printing Can Help You With Mother's Day Gifts

Posted on May 02, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

Mother's Day is coming up, as I'm sure both television ads and your own mother have been reminding you. Sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with meaningful and creative gifts for the mom who seems to already have everything. But instead of settling for a candle or grocery store card this year, why not try some of these ideas available through the power of digital printing.

Don't be afraid to sell out your dad

Ways to use digital printing for Mother's Day Gifts

Possibly the best known use of vinyl decals?

No woman likes having to remind men to put the toilet seat down, especially when she has to do it again...and again...and again. Take away some of your mom's angst by getting this vinyl decal put on the underside of the toilet seats in her home. With these decals there will be a constant reminder to put the seat down when it's left up without her having to say anything.

Get a cardboard cutout of her favorite celebrity

Digitally printable gifts for Mother's Day

Because what grown woman doesn't want a life-sized Channing Tatum? You can also get the Wonder Woman who raised you a reminder of her own super powers.

Your mom may already have oven mitts, but does she have a life-sized cut out of Ryan Gosling? Carboard cutouts are a really fun gift that will continue to be useful throughout holidays to come (they are great for scaring the bejeezus out of people on April Fool's Day or dressing up on Halloween). You can even get cutouts made of people you actually know! Many people, for instance, will get cardboard cutouts of loved ones who are out of the country serving in the military as a fun prop to use in family pictures or during holidays they may be missing.

Wow her with a giant check

How to use digital printing for Mother's Day giftsAlthough you can never really repay your mom for all she's done for you, you can at least pretend to with a giant check!

You know when you were a kid and you'd make your mom a "coupon book" out of crayons and construction paper with promises to do the dishes and babysit your little brother? Take it up a notch by presenting your promises on a giant check just like Ed McMahon! For bonus points, put the payee as "The World's Best Mom," the memo as "For a Lifetime of Service," and the amount as "Priceless." Don't forget a balloon bouquet too!

Make her world prettier

How to use digital printing for Mother's Day Gifts

Aren't these so much pleasanter than normal trash cans?

The great thing about digital printing is that you can get virtually any design you want printed on materials that are adhesive. Take something totally utilitarian, like trash cans or washing machines, and make them pretty by adding decals or getting a full wrap put on. One caveat for this gift: it is probably wise to get your mother's approval of the style or design you pick before you applicate the decals! Or, better yet, have her pick out a print herself.

Mix up her mixer

How to use digital printing for Mother's Day gifts

There are a lot of vendors selling hand-painted mixers, but for less muss and fuss give vinyl decals a try.

Is your mom a great cook? Customized Kitchenaid mixers are all the rage amongst the baking set. Not only are these top of the line mixers super useful for a mom who loves to bake, but with vinyl decals you can turn one of her appliances into a piece of home decor for the kitchen.

Curate family moments

How to use digital printing for Mother's Day gifts

An ugly photo book would be a fun idea, as long as there were no unflattering pictures of your mom for her special day!

There are so many ways to take family pictures and do creative things with digital printing. Is your mom a scrapbooker? Turn family photos into stickers she can peel and stick directly into her scrapbooks and photo albums. The latest family portrait can become a wall mural for her office. Desktops, tables, banners, and more can all get treasured pictures printed directly on them.

Hopefully that helped get the creative gifting juices flowing! What are you planning on getting your mom this Mother's Day?


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