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Vinyl Wraps are a Great Solution for Exhibit Spaces

Posted on June 18, 2014 | Posted by Brooke Randell

When it comes to creating new exhibits for spaces like museums or art galleries, vinyl wraps can be a great solution for inexpensive signage that's easy to remove and replace. 

They can come off as fast as you want them too (we've done some that were only on display for a few hours) without damaging the wall or surface they've been put on. Depending on the condition of the vinyl and surface you are using, however, murals and graphics can last for years if you need them to.

Wrap vinyl can be used for virtually any application in an exhibit that you can imagine, but here are a few practical examples of how using wrap vinyl can help your gallery or exhibit.

1. Wayfinding Signage

Vinyl wraps and graphics for exhibit spacesThese wall graphics are located in the parking garage of the QV Market in Melbourne, Australia. 

Wayfinding signage is there to help people know where they are and where they are going. "You are here" says the bright red star on the map. The words "food court" are formed with acrylic letters above an arrow pointing left or right. Wayfinding signage is ubiquitous but it also needs to be extremely visible. Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of searching for a bathroom in a building and not being able to find a sign pointing you in the right direction anywhere?

It's not great.

In museums and galleries, wayfinding signage frequently needs to be updated because exhibits change periodically as new collections come in and older ones are stored away. With vinyl graphics the names of exhibits and directions can be placed on (and peeled off) a wall without damaging the integrity of the paint job or the wall itself. This is only guaranteed if you follow the recommendations of the manufacturers of both the paint and vinyl you use! You may have problems with your vinyl peeling up or taking off paint if you put it on a wall that has been very recently painted. We normally recommend people wait at least two weeks after they put on a fresh coat of paint before applying graphics or wraps.  

2. Descriptive Text

Vinyl wraps for exhibits

These are two wall wraps in front of each other at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum that we printed and installed for 1220 Exhibits.

Wall murals can be a creative way to introduce an exhibit, place descriptive text, or work as the exhibits themselves! Text can either be printed and placed in one sheet, like in the example above, or letters can be individually cut and placed on. Although it is a much more tedious initially, this can be a good option where you might need to frequently change small parts of the text like names on a donor recognition wall. It also makes it a lot cheaper and easier to fix typos! But, for large chunks of text it's a lot easier to print it all out on one panel or surface. 

3. Identifying Graphics

Vinyl wraps and murals for exhibit spaces

We put up this wall graphic for 1220 Exhibits in The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for the entrance to their exhibit about the roots of country music.

Graphics outside of the exhibit can help people know that they are in the right place or what the exhibit is about. They can also add to the artistry or theme of the exhibit. In the example above, a historic image of a man playing a guitar in soft sepia tones is used right before an exhibit focusing on the roots and history of country music. It helps set the tone of the exhibit before visitors even start walking around. 

5. Installations and Displays

vinyl wraps for exhibit spaces. 12-Point SignWorks blog

1220 Exhibits created a giant wooden bus with interactive displays inside and we wrapped the outside with digital printed murals.

Sometimes your vinyl wrap applications can be part of what draws people to the exhibit in the first place! 1220 Exhibits contacted us to help them in their production of a replication of Taylor Swift's tour bus for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. They constructed the body and interior of the exhibit, while we digitally printed and applied the graphics that made it look like an exact replica of Taylor Swift's bus. 

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